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Imperial fists army
Old 28 Mar 2013, 12:38   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Imperial fists army

Hey I have decided to start an imperial fists army to play against my friends Iron warriors. I don't really know what to but in yet apart from probably some vindicators. I am possibly going to buy some stuff from forage world, it would be great to here some ideas

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Kroot Warrior
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Oh and it's one 2000 points, 2500 points and a 1000 points. He is my friend though so I can go a few points over
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I have bad news. You have chosen to ask about space marines on an almost entirely dead forum dedicated to the Tau. We can't help you much. As a matter of fact, I can't help you at all other than to tell you that I really can't help you. That said (take this with a grain of salt since I am going on what is fluffy more than what is good)...

You're playing Fist, so Lysander is pretty much a must.
He'll need a 'bodyguard' of 5 termies with thunder hammers and storm shields.
A drop pod full of sternguard are never a bad thing.
I hear Imperial Fist like siege tanks... so... vindicators?
I've always liked scouts with camo cloaks...
Still probably need some transportation and troops to get to distant objectives. Rhinos with tactical marines inside?
Maybe a fortification? I hear imperials like those. Something with skyfire perhaps. Aegis defense line with quad gun.
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Kroot Warrior
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Thanks for that
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Kroot Warrior
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Hey, I'm also starting an imperial fist ally, for my guard. Though that list is 750 points.

like Carrelio said, Lysander is good, and a termi body guard at 2500 isn't a big deal at all.

Vindicators are also a must, as a siege army.

Devastators and a aegis line would be good as well.

It also just depends on what you want your army to do?

Like for me my imperial fist list more geared around them being the Siege breaker, by drop podding in and assaulting the front line. While another list might see them sitting back and shooting.
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