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"Heretical" post found on imperial hive world subwarrens
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Default "Heretical" post found on imperial hive world subwarrens

"For we are Space Marines, and we know no fear.. for we are fear incarnate!"

Fear.... incarnate?!? how many centuries have they been wording that so improperly?

To say they are "Fear incarnate" is a synonym for saying "we are the Embodiment of Fear". "We are walking, talking mounds of Fear". "We live, eat, and breathe Fear"

Wow... dont they realize saying that implies that they are afraid all the time? No wonder the more intelligent Agents of Chaos are laughing at them!

I, personally, can thing of several things much better to be incarnations of. Why not ".. for we are Victory Incarnate!" for one?

We are Slaughter Incarnate (oops, more for Khorne)

We are Your Death Incarnate

We are Attrition Incarnate (oops, IG)

We are Your Doom Incarnate

We are Valor Incarnate

See? Why be Fear incarnate? Might as well say "for we are pants wetters INCARNATE!!".. only dead seriously and with a straight face. For CENTURIES!

Maybe the scribes who transcribed the Space Marine Codex mindlessly in some dark pit of an administratum either transcribed it wrong out of sheer ignorance... or perhaps did it on purpose as an agent of CHAOS powers themselves--- as a signpost that they have infiltrated to the very core of the administratum beaurocracy- so deeply embedded in the core of the Imperium that the Imperium is unaware of the trick, the barb, the taunt.

The TAINT!!!
Though I walk through the valley of the swarms of the clueless, I shall fear no idiocy, for the M-STAR flagged them 12 seconds ago, and the JDAMS are already freefalling.
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