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"Why do your marines look like chaos? I thoughy they were loyalist!"
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Default "Why do your marines look like chaos? I thoughy they were loyalist!"

ok, well i just read the thread on chaos bikers, and was just wondering, how sweet would it be if you took loyalist marines, gave them the "Be swift as the Wind" trait, but modeled them as chaos?? they would play exactly like a loyalist chapter, but would look 50x better! would this be feasible in all respects?

The trait enables me to take bikers as troop squads, so while the army would be quite small (I really only play 1000pt games, so yeah.... :-X) but at the same time, if all i did was turbo boost most of my army, i would have a very resilient, hard hitting army.

here's what i was thinking for a list, its just off the top of my head, so bear with me.

Captain on bike. probably with a power weapon or fist.

1 Squad of bikes with furious assault

4-5 squads of bikes

3 attack bikes (one with multi-melta)

ok...i realise now that its more then 1000 pts....but i think im alright with that ;D
for modeling puposes, it will basically be loyalist bikes, but with chaos torso's and heads and stuff like that....for the elites squad, i'll probably model them as bezerkers on bikes

so what do you think? have you heard of this done before?

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