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Need answere ASAP!!!!
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Old 24 Sep 2005, 08:57   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Need answere ASAP!!!!

i am ordering my modles as soon as i get enough replies to make up my mind. in a small force is a unit of:
Terminaters modded up
3 land speeder
or anything else for about 150 points better??
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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

Define "small". In 1,000pts or less, you're better off with adding more Marines than wasting points on Terminators.
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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

there are better ways to spend the points. A fully kitted out venerable dreadnaught is less than 150 points (my recommendation, regardless of the size of the game). You can get a decent predator (not recommended for 1000 points or less). I wouldn't take tactical dreadnaughts unless you're willing to commit at least 220 points to the squad.

3 landspeeders? I'd take 2 equipped ones before taking 3 stripped ones.
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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

i'd take more speeders than 3.. take 6 stripped ones, especially in smaller battles, every army (except Imperial Guard) dont have anywhere near enough fire power to take them out easy, and all of them on one flank work a treat, i'm with March10k on terminators, don't add termies unless its +1500pts cus you'll need more numbers...
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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

For 150 points,

Don't buy termi, it depends on how many troops you have.

You can not go wrong with more troops. Do you have transports? A rhino perhaps. Razorback?


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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

+ you wont get any terminators for 150 pts, as the minimum cost is 200!

But I would add a scout units with a missile launcher for some "tactical" Anti tank deployment

Also a 5 man unit with snipers should fit the bill!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need answere ASAP!!!!

*chanting loudly: TAKE OUT TERMIES! GO WITH RAZOR!
I'd go more troops, add a razorback
If yer army is 750 or more add a predator. . . hehhehhehh
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