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Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.
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Default Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

In your SM codex, under the 'Dreadnoughts' section, it states that Dreadnoughts are " Old Ones" I also thought that the "Old Ones" were an ancient race of god like beings who helped create the universe and warred with the C'tan.

If anyone can clear that up for me thanks, but can someone help clarify whats going on with the Dreadnought bit? Surely they can't be 'Old Ones' per se, just really old legendary Marines who are Old and um.. One :P

Is it just GW fluff inconsistency or GW trying to make Dreads popular for the new players that the codex has drawn in??
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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

iun a way they are the old ones but not hte actual race. They probably mean the old ones in the way of the space marines in them and how old they are

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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

Try not to be stupid whilst reading. Just because there is a "Warlord" in the Ork Codex doesn't mean all Ork armies are lead by a 200ft tall God-Machine.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

In the SM Codex, the "Old Ones" they refer to are usually the most venerated and wounded Marines still alive in the chapter. Dreads tend to be Marines who served dutifully, but after a while received an injury that prevented them from suiting up again. It's kind of like Darth Vader, really. A very powerful person who is normally injured beyond repair uses technology to continue on with his mission.
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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

Try not to be stupid whilst reading. Just because there is a "Warlord" in the Ork Codex doesn't mean all Ork armies are lead by
I'm not stupid, you shouldn't be allowed to insult other members, which you done as I feel insulted.

Just because there is a "Warlord" in the Ork Codex doesn't mean all Ork armies are lead by a 200ft tall God-Machine.
I'm quite aware of that OBVIOUSLY and as you only said it to make a stupid and irrelevant point that I am obviously going to respond to you shouldn't flamebait either. I made this post to just point out what I think is another of GW's inconsistencies and to ask whether or not people thought GW were doing this to make the new people the Codex was partly aimed at feel more interested in Marines, as I feel giving a Dreadnought this type of status within the Codex (They are referred to as 'Old Ones' which I think would make new players want to buy one) is a bit odd, especially given the Trait that allows for so many Dreadnoughts, that I personally disagree with. Theres absolutely no need for your insults. If you thought this was a stupid thread say that it's would be locked if it didn't go anywhere.

I was just trying to get some fluff orientated discussions onto this board without posting something like "WHO ARE THE CTAN" as some members wouldn't know what/who this was. Did you even read my last statement and want to comment, or did you feel it your given right to not bother replying to it, but just to belittle me? I respected you a while ago, but now I certainly don't which I doubt you care about.
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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

ummm...its not even vaguely an inconsistency...fluff gives a pretty explicit definition of what a marine dreadnought is (a near dead marine hero packed into a war-machine to help preserve the remnants of his life), while it lets us know that "old ones" are ancient god-like beings...therefore, contextual references (and its crucial to understand these in the english language) and common sense dictate that the "old ones" in the marine codex and the "old ones" in outside fluff references are two completely different things...

oh, and while wargamer's insult was unnecessary, the second part of his point was extremely apt...i'd say it was perfect for making his point

++EDIT++ which reminds me: wargamer, refrain from such blatant insults. we all know you're a right cranky bastard (not meant as an insult), but please be a little more subtle/discreet about it
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Default Re: Confused Dreadsnoughts fluff.

Wargamer has a good point. This is not GW inconsistency or an attempt at popularity. How do "Old Ones" = popularity???

No it is simply a general classification for dreadnaughts. The marines inside are practicly corpses, a corpse doesnt have a lifespan. For instance unless Ive utterly forgotten something at least some of the Venerable Dreads in the Space Wolves were around when Russ walked among them. That is really friggin old, so calling them all simply the Old Ones is a natural thing. There is no correlation at all to the Old Ones race. You just have to apply some simple intelligence when reading. Wargamers example was very good and this is exactly the same thing.

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