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Don't call it a comeback (1500)
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Default Don't call it a comeback (1500)

Ahhh after ten thousand years I'm free! Time to conquer earth!

All power rangers references aside, tomorrow I'll be playing my first game in close to 2 years and I'll be playing with my Salamanders army no less. Most of my memories of 40K involve my (locally feared) Tau army and I hope that this list is well rounded enough to hold its own without being too overpowered:

Chaplain on bike with plasma pistol (150)

Dreadnought with las/heavy flamer in a drop pod (180)

Techmarine with harness, power weapon and combi-melta (100)

10x Space Marines with power weapon, melta bomb, melta gun in a rhino with hunter killer missile and extra armor (255)

8x Space Marines with melta bomb and combi-melta (153)

5x Scouts (75) <- filler unit

Fast Attack:
Landspeeder with multi-melta and assault cannon (100)

Space Marine bike unit with 1 additional bike, power weapon, melta bombs, melta gun and plasma gun (160)

Heavy Support:
Vindicator with siege shield and extra armor (140)

Predator, full lascannon, with stormbolter and extra armor (220)

1498 points total.

Obviously I'm planning on the bike squad to be joined by the Chaplain and have them pressure whichever part of the field is most valuable, with fire support in the form of the rhino and landspeeder, my heavy support are meant to soften up the fiercest enemy units, while the techmarine will (hopefully) fortify a valuable terrain piece and join the stationary marines squad. The scouts are going to either hold an objective, or serve as a distraction for my enemy. Ideally I want to get them to overextend on the Scouts, only to have either a share of my mobile forces or the dreadnought drop in and punish them...

I am aware that technically I could go for a drop pod assault and have my Dreadnought arrive smack dab in the middle of his forces on turn 1, but it feels like a power play that's best reserved for competitive play.
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