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1850 BA Thriller, First time Lister
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Default 1850 BA Thriller, First time Lister

Here is my BA army. It's my first one since switching over from Tau to the new BA. I haven't used it yet, but i played a tons with my Tau and am expecting great things from the BAs. Any thoughts?


HQ 1: : 225 points
- Dante

Dante will be put with an assault squad and a Priest. They are going to use their surgical DS to take a quick shot at medium to specialty units, then when possible, use their hit and run to jump behind any objectives. They will be my 'hold 1 forward objective at all costs unit'.

HQ 2: : 345 points
- Librarian with JumpPack using Blood Lance
-with Honour Gaurd, 2x HandFlamer, 1x Flamer, 2x Power Weapon and Jumppacks

This unit is there to take out big units of light armoured troops, with serious backup from the librarians Lance if there is anything big around. They should be able to handle anything that they get thrown at. These are my 'handle any job midway through the game unit'. I chose the BG because they get a free priest. That's 50 points! for free!! and an all 2 attack squad. The Power weapons might be a bit much, but they are going to be in an advance position and I feel they will help a ton in CC.


Elite 1: : 190 points
- 2x Sanguinary Priest, Jump pack (1 w/ Infernus Pistol w/ Sgaurd)(1 w/ PFist w/ Dante)
One with Dante, and one with the Sanguinary gaurd. I just want to keep expensive units alive for as long as i can (FNP!!). And both will be deployed in a coherent position to the army to increase maximum effect.

Elite 2: : 140 points
- 1x Furioso Dreadnought 2 blood talons w/ magna grapple.

This guy is going to be attached to a StormRaven. I gave him the magna-grapple because its a free S8 AP2 shot, and the blood talons are just nice..


Troops 1: : 230 points
-5x Sanguinary Gaurd with Chapter Banner

They get the Banner cause they all have power weapons...These guys are my "'heavy hitters' heavy hitters". They take out the armoured units, elites, and since they are troops, they can shore up any weak spots in the battle.

Troops 2: : 115 points
- 5 Assault Marines, Sergeant: Power Weapon
Troops 3: : 130 points
- 5 Assault Marines, Sergeant: Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol
Troops 4: : 130 points
- 5 Assault Marines in Drop Pod, Sergeant: Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol
why a DP? because 1 divided by itself rounded up is...1 This will always be deployed on the first turn, in a strategic spot, and basically act like its an infiltrating assault squad.


Fast Attack 1: : 145 points
- Baal Predator, TL Flamestorm Cannon
This baby will outflank if it can, else stay on the board and act as a magnet to keep the SRaven alive. If it can kill something it will probably be the enemies unit that hasn't moved yet...you know, the one that ends up just staying there and camping for all five turns...


Heavy Support 1: : 200 points
- Storm Raven
this will be deployed on board at the start and will carry the Sanguinary Gaurd with a preist and a Furioso with Blood Talons. The SR will be moving 24" for the first 2/3 turns, at whcih point the SG will deploy, the Furioso stays onboard until it can deploy and assault in the same turn.

Army Total:1850

I have specific tactics based around this army. The librarian is the flanker, the SGaurd is the hammer, Dante's crew is the blitzer, and the RAS and Sraven are to secure/hold the objectives. What are your thoughts on any weaknesses, or strengths?
Stormraven rules...until you have to buy one!
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