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1500 GT Army list - needs work!
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Default 1500 GT Army list - needs work!

'ello all.

Last time I really played 40K was around the time dark millenium was out, when we still had wargear cards. I played a couple of games of 4th ed, but have been out of the game for years!

I've decided recently that I want to pick it up again, and would like to get around to the GT at some point. My main thrust hobbywise is to get a 1500 point list organised and tinker around with that for the time being, picking up extra units as I go along.

One thing I've noticed is that there's a hell of a lot of cheese involved in a lot of the tournament army lists I've been reading. That is something I really don't like. That, and the prevalance of every other line in an army list containing the word "melta" - there's just no character to them, and I think that would really put me off returning.

That isn't to say that I don't appreciate what works and what doesn't, but I really don't think I'd enjoy fielding an army that has no sense of character or place. It just wouldn't be playing the game in the spirit it was intended.

See below for my jumping off point.

1500 Space Marine List (1497 actual)

HQ - Librarian - Jump pack 125pts

Troops 10 Marines* - 180pts
Troops 10 Marines* - 180pts
Troops 10 Marines* - 180pts
* I have reserved 10 points for each squad to equip the sergeant, or purchase one of the heavy or special weapons that isn't free.

Troops 6 Scouts, 1 Sergeant - Sniper rifles, Camo, Heavy weapon -132pts

Fast Attack 10 Assault Marines - Sergeant has a power weapon - 205pts

Fast Attack 3 Landspeeders - Typhoon Launchers - 270pts

Dedicated Transport 3 Razorbacks - 1 Assault Cannon and 2 Lascannon equipped - 225pts

Notes: I have been thinking about removing the razorback weapons and using the points to buy a vanilla dreadnought. I have also been considering swapping the landspeeders for a bike squad.

The main thinking points behind the army were that 2 in 3 missions are objective based, and in one of those there will be between 3 and 5 objectives to hold. I wanted enough troops to hold locations, but also enough units to either support the troops or deny other locations, either by slaughtering enemy troop choices or settling nearby objectives.

1500 points doesn't go as far as I thought it would. I am against racking up nearly 1/5th of my army value on a command squad and captain. Feel no pain looks good, but doesn't really work against everything that's going to get thrown at them. I went for a librarian instead, hoping to force dome them as they move across any open space, and smite prior to assault.

I don't know if I've got enough heavy weapons in there that are of any real use.

With the tactical squads tactics would probably involve breaking squads down and lumping them en masse in razorbacks. I could take the heavies inside and plant them on an objective with the other squads tucked behind the razorbacks as they advance, then take those elsewhere if the razorbacks haven't kicked the bucket, but I'm not sure how they fare in reality. Anyone with any experience of using razorbacks would be handy!

EDIT - Also considering swapping out the scouts. They don't fit in teh razorbacks, and I didn't think about the other 3 squads I create when I split my tactical squads down. The scouts were there to sit on a home objective, but 3 combat squads may work just as well.

I'd have 135 points to work with, which means I can go for:

A) A vindicator - probably end up more as a bullet magnet though.
B) Vanilla Ironclad - Stabby stab stab bullet magnet.
C) Dreadnought with weapon upgrades
D) Attack bike squadron with a multimelta ( probably no good as can't split fire - why waste the heavy bolters shooting at a tank, and the MM at troops?)
E) Thunderfire, although it sticks out from the rest of the army in terms of character
F) Whirlwind
G) 2 Vanilla Predators or one tooled up.

Vindicator would be nice, but I imagine ultimately a distraction. Predator would be nice also. At the moment, I'm swinging for the dread.

Edit 2 - The other option is to be be a bit of a B*****d and swap the scouts for another libby. Although I imagine no one with any sense will want that assault squad to live very long. 2 sets of smite would be cool. That said - it's borederline camenbert.

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