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1000pt list
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Default 1000pt list

Hey, I need a list for a tounament it needs to be 1k points and what i have is:

2 space marine battle forces
1 set of AoBR
2 land raiders
1 razor back
2 drop pods
2 tac squads
1 space marine Librian
3 captians
1 command squad
2 chapter masters

any suggestions would be awesome so thanks
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Send a message via MSN to 33rd Sirican Redbacks

Librarian, terminator armour, (forceweapon and stormbolter), Vortex of doom, might of ancients.
Tactical Squad (10man divided into 2 combat squads), Rocket Launcher, melta.
Razorback, twin Las
Tactical Squad (10man divided into 2 combat squads), Rocket Launcher, melta.
Tactical Squad (10man), flamer, sgt has powerfist.
Terminator squad (5man) Cyclone missile launcher, 1 chainfist

Total = 1000pts even.
Its a mech all comers list, plenty of scoring units (5), decent anti tank long range (1 twin Lascannon, 2 rocket launchers and 1 cyclone missile launcher, and the librarians power vortex of doom can crack tanks).
The Librarians power might of ancients effectively gives him an initiative order chain fist, and there is also a chain fist in the terminator squad, and 2 melta's in transports.
The squad in rhino with flamer can torch enemies from the safety of their rhino or disembark to assault (buried powerfist).
The terminator squad is a nice assault unit to support the 10 man tactical unit, or team up with the librarian, you can play around with his powers a bit for different roles, such as horde killing (avenger), heavy infantry slaying (smite), character slaying (quickening) or teleporting around the field making a nuisance of himself with gate of infinity.
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