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500pt Beginner Marine List
Old 01 Feb 2011, 05:29   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default 500pt Beginner Marine List

Hey, several months ago myself and several friends have gotten into the 40k universe and begun collecting, We've tried several armies out and at the moment im looking for something that can hold its own against Tau, Necrons and other Marines.

This was what I had in mind:

500 pt

Chaplain w/ Terminator Armor and Storm Bolter - 130pts
Captain w/ Power Sword and Bolter - 130pts
-Hellfire rounds
-Digital Weapons

Tactical Squad, 10man w/ MissileL and Flamer - 170pts

Scout Squad, 10man, w/ 8 Snipers -200 pts
-Missile L
-Sergeant Telion

This would focus mainly on scouts infiltrating W/ Telion's Voice of Experience the Missile L, and hoping for pinning against massed Fire warriors.

And Tactical squad split into two combat squads, (Missile L + 4 Bolters) and (Flamer, Sergeant, 3 Bolters). The Shooty squad would move into a good position that can compliment the Scouts, whilst Chaplain and the CC squad push the enemy HQ.

Or i could sub in a Heavy Bolter instead of Missile L and use the Captain with BS 5 and Hellfire rounds with hits and wounds on a 2+ for a almost guaranteed kill each turn.

opinions / criticism, please tell me if this will fail massively :P
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Ok, i don't actually have space marines but I've faced them enough so I'm sorta speaking from a facing-this-army-in-a-battle point of view.

1. The idea of splitting down squads doesn't always work. for example I once played my chaos army against a ultramarines army and my enemy had 3 5-man squads. All squads were seperated from one another and overwlemed by daemons, bezerkers and chaos space marines.

2. Personally i would go for the chaplain in termy armour (unless a captain is better in one way or another) because it is really hard to kill someone in termy armour! (a power weapon would do it, but in general they are hard to kill) and assauming the chaplian has multiply wounds that just makes it harder.

3. keep the missile launcher, some heavy fire will come in useful against vechiles, or you could instant death a powerful enemy (assauming they have T4 or lower)

4. the scouts with sniper rifles should do well, and cut down enemy infantry.

I think you've got a pretty good list here and I look forward to seeing some battle reports.
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Kroot Warrior
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For the HQ... I might suggest something a little different. The Chaplains are great, but really only when leading an assault.

If you are looking for something to fight other marines, you really can't go wrong with a naked Librarian with The Avenger. Its like a flamethrower, only it punches through Space marine armor.

That would save you 30 points right there.

The scouts are a great idea against Tau (for the weak leadership) and I think you have the right frame of mind. Telion is pretty awesome, but at this point level you want to squeeze as much out as you can.

I would suggest this.

Take a naked Libby (save 30 points)
Scratch Telion (Save 50 points)

With the 80 points left over take some armor for you troops (Razorback for 40 pts) And maybe throw in a combi-melta (10 pts?) and a Powerfist on the Sgt in the tactical (25 pts).

You may have some points left over (5 maybe?) you could upgrade the missile launcher to a plasma cannon for some terminator control.

Overall I think you have a good tactic, but I think this will spruce it up and give you some additional Umph.

The heavy bolter on the razorback is awesome for horde control, and the melta will let you deal with a tank if one comes your way. The powerfist is an insurance option for if the melta fails, or you find yourself against something that your bolters wont wound.

The Librarian is awesome with the Avenger, and is pretty cool in close combat assaults as well. He can ride in the razorback with your sgt into the fray, unleash his psychic fire, and assault whatever is left over.
The other power i would suggest would be the one that gives you a 5+ invuln, or possibly Null Zone if your opponents regularly run something with invulns themselves.

Hope these suggestions help you out.
Always good to see a fellow marine kick some arse.
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As Kalan suggested, I would recommend taking a librarian, but I would give him terminator armour (the ability to teleport, 2+armour save and 5+ invulnerable all come quite cheap) so he can arrive where he is needed and drop one of his good close up powers (smite, avenger and vortex of doom), and maybe follow it up with a combat enhancer (might of ancients or quickening) in the next turn.
Also scratch telion, and the scouts and take more tactical marines, scouts wont get armour saves against alot of tau weapons.

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