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blood angels 1000 doubles
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Kroot Warrior
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Arrow blood angels 1000 doubles

hey guys im about to do a doubles tourney set up at my local club and it is me and my mate which is necron and blood angels it is a 1000 point each player game so each force has 2000 points with both of the armies and i have made this army cause we agreed that he would do most of the shooting while i jetpack down the middle. The problem with my force is that if we face a horde army like nids or orks which is more likely than nnot they will just get outnumbered so i need a way to get more troops into a 1000 point force with dante and an honour gaurd all with jetpacks then i also have 2 5 man assault squads i would be willing to change most things but only dante if it is absolutely necessary in which case i would change him to a ba captain with jetpack plasma and power sword so tell me what you think and could u plz help me with this list


Honor Gaurd
-Jump packs
-2x plasma pistol
-2x power weapons
-chapter standard bearer
-4x melta-bombs

Death company
-4 models

assault squad
-1x plasma pistol
-sgt w/ plasma pistol, power fist, combat shield

assault squad
-2x plasma pistols
-sgt w/ plasma pistol, power fist, meltabombs

combat squad
-sgt w/ plasma pistol, chainsword, meltabombs

total is 1000 bang on
Thanks in advance for helping me out guys
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Dante is 225 points...bang on!

Only 4 Death Company seems useless in a 1000 point army, especially when you consider they are uncontrollable. Either build them up or take them out. If you have an use for them i would like to hear it though. But there is probably a better small unit that can cover their use.

There are also a lot of plasma...if you wanted more swarm control just trade a few for flamers.
Stormraven rules...until you have to buy one!

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