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Create-your-own List. 1500.
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Default Create-your-own List. 1500.

Ive been revising my old Sons of Calixis army list as Ive been reading up on independant tactics and found some flaws with it. I would greatly welcome and comments from those who know more than me.

The general idea is numbers over armour, Its a rather slow advancing army with the chance to dish out a fair bit of damage, Rather good for holding objectives I think, But I may be wrong. I have the Terminators for the Chaplain to give a decent combat whack and shall be reserved for deep strike. In theory. There are alot of Melta's I know, But I love them, what can one do to an addiction.

The dreadnoughts are the mainstay of the armour with a Thunderfire cannon as artillery and long range damage. Anyway, Here is the list as it stands now, Enjoy:

Sons of Calixis.
Strike Force: Salvation.

HQ 1 & 2:
Chaplain Ferus Laertes:
Terminator Armour &
Storm Bolter.

Master of the Forge.

Troops 1 & 2:

Tactical Squad 1:
9 Space Marines:
Multi-Melta & Flamer.
1 Sergeant W/ Melta Bombs:

Tactical Squad 2:
9 Space Marines:
Multi-Melta & Flamer.
1 Sergeant W/Boltgun.

Fast Attack:
Attack Bike Squad:
2 Attack Bikes:
Heavy Bolter.

Elites 1, 2 & 3:

Elite 1:
Multi-Melta &
Close Combat Arm.

Elite 2:
Multi-Melta &
Close Combat Arm.

Elite 3:
Terminator Assault Squad:
Lightning Claws &
Thunder Hammers.
Sergeant W/Lightning Claws.

Heavy Support 1, 2 & 3:

Heavy Support 1:
Thunderfire Cannon. 100

Heavy Support 2:
Missile Launcher.

Heavy Support 3:

Devastator Squad:
4 Space Marines:
2 Lascannons &
2 Multi-Meltas.
1 Sergeant W/Chainsword:
Bolt Pistol.
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