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A good 1000 pt army for Space marines (new player)
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Default A good 1000 pt army for Space marines (new player)

I want an army that can beat tau,necron,eldar and orks. The guys i currently have are the AOBR space marine half , 5 Scouts with sniper rifles and changed the captain to a chapter master. I need to know all the stuff i need to buy for them and what are the tactics i need to know to beat tau, eldar, orks and necrons ( please include the units i should put for a 1000 pt army to beat them ,and the tactics i need to learn to beat them).Any advice you give would be very helpful to me.Thanks in advance
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Default Re: A good 1000 pt army for Space marines (new player)

umm... double post?

i'm sorry, i can't help but think that i answered this exact same question... from the exact same person!

here, just in case you lost the link
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Default Re: A good 1000 pt army for Space marines (new player)

Please don't post the same questions this many times. You have asked the question once, if the thread has died, then that means no one can add to it.

PM me if you want to talk tactics, because I don't want even more posts cluttering up the board.
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