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a good 1000-2000 pt army
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Default a good 1000-2000 pt army

I want an army that can beat tau,necron,eldar and orks. The guys i currently have are the AOBR space marine half , 5 Scouts with sniper rifles and changed the captain to a chapter master. I need to know all the stuff i need to buy for them and what are the tactics i need to know to beat tau, eldar, orks and necrons ( please include the units i should put for a 1000 pt army to beat them ,and the tactics i need to learn to beat them).Any advice you give would be very helpful to me.Thanks in advance
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Default Re: a good 1000-2000 pt army

umm... double post?

i'm sorry, i can't help but think that i answered this exact same question... from the exact same person!

here, just in case you lost the link

if you're looking for someone to sit here and make a list for you, then I suggest looking over lists formerly posted.
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