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apacolypse dark angels
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Default apacolypse dark angels

Hello im supposed to play an apacolypse game in 2 weeks and i am supposed to play the role as "the ellite" member of my team on my team is about 3000 points of spinegaunts played by mike 2000 points of anti tank tau and 1500 points of nurgle
none of these lists contain any independant charictors actually only the nurgle list has an hq wich is a great unclean one. I will be up against an imperitor titan 2 thunderhaws and 3 baneblades a blood angel army and a witch hunters army.
here is what im planning to throw into the mix. tell me if its stupid.

Azreal 225
10 company masters 1450
command squad containing an apothecary and a standard confering + 1A 285
that will all be one squad crammed into a land raider 265

10 librarians with jump packes all in one squad 1450

tact squad 180

deathwing squad 430
assault cannon
apathecary banner
belial master of the deathwing

deathwing squad 370
assault cannon
Interigater chaplain

the enemy will fail to acheive victory.
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