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1750 competive space wolves army
Old 26 Jun 2010, 06:18   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 1750 competive space wolves army

1x Rune Priest -chooser, lightning, hurricane

1x Rune Priest -chooser, lightning, tempest

1x Rune Priest -chooser, lightning, jaws

1x Dreadnought- heavy flamer, multi melta, extra armor
-drop pod

1x Dreadnought- heavy flamer, multi melta, extra armor
-drop pod

1x Dreadnought- heavy flamer, multi melta, extra armor
-drop pod

10x Grey hunters - 2x flamer
-Rhino, extra armour

10x Grey hunters - 2x flamer
-Rhino, extra armor

10x Grey hunters - 2x melta
-Rhino, extra armor

10x Grey hunters - 2x melta
-Rhino, extra armor

5x Long fangs
-4 plasma cannons

Priests snipe in corners using range, Rhino rush and dreads pop tanks
thoughts? it would have heavy trouble with the C'tan
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Old 30 Jun 2010, 23:24   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1750 competive space wolves army

Well it looks ok, but there are a few things i would perhaps consider changing.

Three preist seems a bit over kill, just for LL. Dont get me wrong its a nifty power, its just that three of them is a bit excessive. Id cut it down to two of them and follow your same general plan, or hook them up with your long fangs to deture things from assaulting them. This will also save you 110 poits, which is damn near another long fang squad.

Here again, perhaps a bit overkill on the dreads. One is generally enough to draw a lot of enemy fire and that single multi melta shot will probably hurt should it hit something. The main issue i have here is that, for all those points you are probably going to get 1 turn out of them, and possibly get nothing in return if they dont kill a vehicle with thier one multi melta shot. If you looking for some drop poding melta units, wolf guard with combi meltas are a better but. For less points you get 4 melta guns, which statiticly should blow up a land raider. And best of all they are a throw away unit, you expect them to die the very next turn, after of couse they blow up the biggest badest vehicles on the board. However should u keep the dreads, drop the extra armor as its not worth the points you spend for it.

Another option is to turn one of them into a "rifleman" dread. Its simply a dread w/ 2 auto cannons. It works great as a cheap light vehicle killer that can tie up enemy deep strikers for a while.

All solid choices. Theses guys will do some damage no matter what they are up agaisnt. However if i would change something, i would drop the flamers and give them meltas. Then i would give every squad MoTW and perhaps a standard as it will greaty boost thier CC power. And an easy way to get those points is to trop the extra armor, as again its not worth the points.

I personally dont like the plasma cannons, but thats me. If you decide to save some points max out the squad with another weapon so you can do max damage. And perhaps swap out the plasma for missile launchers. They will give you some better vehicle killing fire power.

Over all consider cutting some points and getting another long fang squad or perhaps a predator for some extra long range fire power.

My 2 cents

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Default Re: 1750 competive space wolves army

HQ- i agree that 3 is overkill, i see where you're going with it, but you can cause so much more mayhem with the points saved

dreads are nice, don't get me wrong, i've sported at least two before to great effect, but it's too easily killed.
if you want to have a vehicle to draw fire, you could not do much better than a land raider. so you can drop 2 dreads, pick up a WG squad and put them in a land raider (with a runepriest in there) another fun combo i've seen someone play is taking an iron priest w/ all servitors that have thier servo arms and put them in one of the land raider variants, (redeemer was used) it's a hard to hit, hard to kill marine killer, plus he put a rune priest with the +5 cover save power. it effectively became the MMO- like tank where everything the opponent had was focused on this killing machine, meanwhile cheap-o grey hunters squads singled out each of the threats for a resounding victory!

troops- good choices- i will advise you on one cardinal rule as far as scoring units go- you want one scoring unit per 500 points to have a well balanced force. you've done that, so good job!

fast- what happened here? have you seen the havoc fenrisian wolves can cause? that I5 is a subtle game changer, and a charge range of 12"! Take 2 maxed squads of these and footslog them, line abreast across the board while your heavier support falls in close behind

long fangs- the key to long fangs is versalility, and while the plasma cannon is a very versatile, killy weapon, it can have the same effect on you. swap these out for missile launchers to improve on the long fang's versalility. with a ML equipped long fang unit you have the versatility of anti vehicle/MC via krak missile and anti infantry and horde via frag missile. take 2 and you can engage 4 different types of units per turn!

all in all you have a good list, but with a few tweaks it can be truly competitive (almost beardy).
I know I'm telling you to take more points, however you can save the points form the 1 rune priest and allocate them somehwere else
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