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First Space Wolves List - 1500pts C&C needed
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Default First Space Wolves List - 1500pts C&C needed

Hey all, here goes my first SW list, This will be my Rosen Knights 6th Company

Space Wolves 1498

Wolf Lord Thunder wolf mount, Frost Axe, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear = 255

Lone Wolf Pair of Wolf Claws, Terminator armour, 2 Fenrisian wolves = 100

Venerable Dreadnought Drop pod =200

15x Blood Claws 2 Flamers, 1 Powerfist, Mark of Wulfen = 265

10x Grey Hunters 2 Melta Guns Rhino (or drop pod) =190
10x Grey Hunters 2 Melta Guns Rhino (or drop pod) =190

Fast Attack
6x Fenrisian Wolves = 48

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader = 250

What do you guys think? C&C needed
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Hello there,

Being a Space Wolves reader I like it, seems to be a good base for numbers and the added bonus of a specialised combat unit, I'm not expert on the Wolves but I've never been a fan of Land Raiders, I find a smaller tank and extra units to be better as it presents less of a point sink if it gets destroyed and allows you to put points elsewhere.

Apart from the raider I personally wouldn't change it.

Good luck.

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scrap the blood claws and wolves for some wolf claw armed wolf guard with a heavy flamer
they fullfull same job and wolf guard have more punch for wiping more heavy enemies and will be more durable
like this
Wolf guard pack x6
terminator armour
12 wolf claws
1 chainfist
1 heavy flamer

oh and blood claws cant take mark of the wulfen
the transports= 1 rhino 1 drop pod
i'm da master
bla bla
u fail

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Yup, Lokyar is right.

Also, never take one tank, It will be scrapped quickly. What will last longer, 1 LR or 1 unit of Grey Hunters in a Rhino?

Or instead of the LR, if you have or can get the models, use 4 Thunder Wolf Cav. 1 with Frostblade, 1 Wolf Claw, and 1 with Melta-bombs. Now they can ride with your HQ and have a screen with the wolves.

Instead of the 1 Lone Wolf, you can try- 5 Wolf Scouts with a Meltagun and Plasma Pistol. Nasty if you don't expect them coming.

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