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Blood ravens "steel rain" 2.5k list
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Default Blood ravens "steel rain" 2.5k list

Making my first codex list, it's a very flexible drop pod heavy list starring tigirius joined with a grey knight squad

hq- tigirius (named father librarian Roland)

troop- 4x 10 man tac squads w/ meltagun and missile launcher, sgt has a power weapon and meltabomb. They arrive via drop pod w/ deathwind missiles and a locator beacon.

Troop/ fast- 7 man grey knights squad w/ 2 psycannons

elite- 2x Mortis dreads arriving via drop pod equipped with deathwind missiles and a locator beacon

heavy- 10 man devastator squad w/ 4 missile launchers arriving (you guessed it) via drop pod w/ deathwind missiles and locator beacon

heavy- 2x thunderfire cannons arriving via drop pod with deathwind launchers and locator beacon

my tactic is making the most out of drop pod assault w/ 5 deepstriking first turn spamming s5 large pie plates all over the board while my thunderfire cannons, mortis dreads and devastator squad provide long range support.
Tigirius will be running around with grey knights vaporizing as much as he can, making good use of the shrouding and gate of infinity (locator beacons)
Tac squads arrive later in the game to snag objectives.

Is there anything that anyone would suggest? I'm open to suggestions as it is under construction as I write this (1 tac squad, my librarian, and 3 grey knights complete with 2nd tac squad under construction)
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Default Re: Blood ravens "steel rain" 2.5k list

First off, your concept is absolute and total win on several levels. I see most of your battle brothers are stationed in SPEHSS, ready to launch multiple, SIMUHLTANEOUS, defensive Deep Strikes! As Blood Ravens, as SPEHSS MEHREENS, YOU WILL FIGHT IN THE NAME OF THE EMPRAH!


Now that that's out of my system...

You'll have to forgive me as I don't know what Mortis Dreads are. Is that a Forge World Dreadnought? What is it equipped with?

I personally like the idea of a more defensive Drop Pod army, that doesn't focus on assault but drops the Devastator and Thunderfire for a static firebase and follows it up with a fritload of Tactical Marines! As seems to be usual, one minor nitpick, is to never overlook the Multi-Meltas on Tactical Squads. They're very good at keeping Land Raiders, or any tank, away from your Tactical Squads.

One thing to keep in mind is that Thunderfires die to a stiff breeze and make sure you drop them into heavy cover if possible unless you want that being killed by a stray Bolter round.

I question the inclusion of Grey Knights. For one, their codex might be updated in but a few months making this unit obsolete in very short time. And even so, they're a very expensive unit, though they ARE in theme. If you do remove them you'll have points for possibly some major assault elements, or other Drop Pod units like Sternguard.
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Default Re: Blood ravens "steel rain" 2.5k list

haha, thanks for the epic speech. I've been mulling over an all drop pod army for a while (especially since my previous 2 armies were deathwing and daemons, so I've gotten used to that whole first turn assault rule) and after playing soulstorm, it gave my idea a name and an army to pair it with, plus i love the blood ravens paint scheme!

Mortis dreads are equipped with dual twin linked autocannons.
Grey knights are more of a fluff unit as well as being a great honor guard for my librarian, conferring the shrouding to him, making him a lethal shooting and assaulting unit, and having the ability to be either troops (for objectives games) or fast (for all other). when there is a codex change I will adjust my army list accordingly
I pondered taking multi meltas, but doing so would mean that I would only be effective in that 24" range, easily a killing ground range. I figured taking a melta gun would give me the ability to drop and take out a vehicle the turn it arrives, and a missile launcher would give me that long range anti- troop and anti vehicle range if need be, which is the precedence of my all missile launcher devastator squad.

I am aware that thunderfire cannons will easily fall, which is why I plan on assesing the board of each match, bolstering that defense then dropping the dreadnought and thunderfire cannon in the same area, giving both of them a 3+ coversave, and I can get two of these fortified locations
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