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Dark Angels 1750pt 'friendly tournament' list
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Default Dark Angels 1750pt 'friendly tournament' list

Hi everyone, please have a look at let me know what you think. There is no further option for changing this list, as its already been submitted to the TO, im just seeking some guidance on its use more than anything i suppose

(Im actually entering a few units purely because they are show-stoppers- looking to take out best painted army... )

[size=14pt]Army Name: The Lion's Wrath (1750pts Dark Angels) [/size]



HQ 1: Company Master: points 155
- Power weapon, Plas Pistol, MBombs, Jump Pack



Elite 1: Deathwing Squad : points 245
- Standard loadout plus Assault Cannon, sgt with power weapon

Elite 2: Dreadnought: points 145
- Plasma Cannon, CCW, Venerable



Troops 1: Tactical Squad : points 220
- 10 Marines, 1x Plas Gun, Sgt has Mbombs, Rhino Transport

Troops 2: Tactical Squad : points 185
- 10 Marines, 1x Plas Gun, Sgt has Mbombs

Troops 3: Tactical Squad : points 125
- 5 Marines, 1x Meltagun, Sgt with PFist



Fast Attack 1: Assault Squad: points 260
- 10 Marines with Jump Packs, Sgt has PFist



Heavy Support 1: Predator : 165
- T/L Lascannon turret, 2x las cannon sponsons

Heavy Support 2: Land Raider Crusader : points 250
- Hurricane Bolter Sponsons, T/L Assault Cannon, Multi-melta


[size=14pt]Army Total: [/size]


There is a lot of more nasty combos i could have made, by either taking some of my Ravenwing, using the generic SM codex, or both, but i felt that this army had a decent flavour that was worth trying at least once.

In terms of new units, i have never used a LR or jump pack assault squads before- any advice concerning these particular units will be most welcome!!

"Robed" Dark Angels-2500pts
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