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Black templar 1850
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Black templar 1850

So this is a tournament list that is very similar to my 1500 point black templar. I've been meaning to get people's opinions on it but black templar lists outside of this one don't suite my interests as they don't feel like black templar, more gimped space marines. anywho here we go.


Emperor's champion w/ accept any challenge vow 140pts

Chaplain 95pts X2
power fist
bolt pistol
frag grenade
3 cenobyte servitors

Total: 167pts


5 terminators 200pts
2 assault cannons
tank hunters

Total: 255pts

1 Dreadnaught 105pts


10 initiates, 8 neophytes 240pts X2
1 meltagun
1 power fist

total: 260pts

10 Initiates, 4 Neophytes 200pts
1 power fist
1 Land raider crusader 265pts

(note some points may be wrong and there is probably peices of tank upgrades that I forgot but the total is 1849)

So the idea is to run the two 20 man squads with the chaplains down the middle. These units are so awesome and never fail. The chaplain takes everything bad about the black templar and makes it awesome. You may notice a lack of anti tank. I respond by saying that assault cannons with tank hunters are excellent. (auto pen an armour 13 tank on a 6! good chance of it happening with 8 shots). Plus there are various meltas and the chaplains have fists.

Now I gave the chaplain fists because they are unique in that they can triple wield so I can use either weapon as I see fit. This helps because before I had a hard time with tough targets (my power fist guys only get one attack).

Finally the land raider squad is for support. They drive around with the emperor's champion and wait until one of the other units is becoming overwhelmed.

The dreadnaught...doe stuff. He soft kills light transports and is generally a thorn in my opponents side as there is just not enough fire power to shoot him AND the 40 marines on foot.

Let me know what you think, I'll be refreshing my browser every 2 minutes in anticipation.
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Default Re: Black templar 1850

Should this not be in Space Marine Army lists? Because to me, it's an army list through and through.


The might of the Empire bears down on you...

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Default Re: Black templar 1850

I think the points cost for your Emperors champion is incorrect. You need to add the points cost of the Accept any challenge vow to the cost of the EC. It is detailed in the Emperors Champion's wargear entry.

I'm not so sure about having footslogging marines going up the board. Because lets face it there are times when you need the Rhino support to get the troops in there quick, wether that be an objective or the enemy. If you have tested it before and it works o.k. for you that's fine. But just remember 5th Ed is quick, and mech is the way to go. You will probably lose the initiative and have those 8 neophytes disappear before you even get to assault the enemy. Black Templars need to assault first, thats how we can change 30 attacks into 45! Combine that with a LRC and thats assaulting first regardless of cover.

Your standard Power Fist/Meltagun combo in the Crusader Squads is good.

How are the Terminators getting into the fight? Teleporting is not really that effective with BT and the Deep Strike mishap table.

Also I think it is a forum rules violation to include the points cost of each wargear entry.
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Old 01 Jun 2010, 11:53   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Canada
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Default Re: Black templar 1850

Well the nice thing is that black templar are great foot sloggers and can go up to 9" in the enemy shooting phase, which makes them faster than a rhino. Another nice thing with the chaplains is that the squad can zealous run towards any enemy unit! So can back track or side track away from potential chargers.

Even if I do get charged, large black templar squads are great for attrition battle and so what if the neophytes die? I still have a full 10 man squad capable of dealing allot of damage (cause they all re-roll to hit).

terminators walk on. They shoot at the closest light armor and just keep walking.

As for showing wargear points I'll fix that.
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 1,815
Default Re: Black templar 1850

I play Black Templars and I am pretty sure that Righteous Zeal only works when you lose one model. So you have to sacrifice a model to move that extra D6". Like I said if it works for you in 5th go for it. However, I personally like Drop Pods, Rhinos, and LRCs for getting into the maelstrom early.
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Old 02 Jun 2010, 11:37   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Canada
Posts: 53
Default Re: Black templar 1850

That's right one model needs to die. it's what the 8 neophytes are for. With he cenobyte servitors and chaplain the squad gets d6" +3 with re-roll. Since BT still have lousy old vehicles with lousy point costs it's more worthwhile for e to take 8-10 neophytes to be sacrificed so that an entire unit of black templar can go faster than any SM transport and thus I get in to the Maelstrom even earlier :P

Plus I like using black templar rules as a benefit rather than a hindrance.
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