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This is NOT a competitive list!
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Default This is NOT a competitive list!

So I've been reading through the new Blood Angels Codex and I've come to a couple of conclusions. First, it seems like this would be one of the easiest Space Marine books to abuse. Second, it also looks like you could go the exact opposite way and make some of the coolest, fluffiest lists possible.

I like the second option.

The Holy Host (2k points of Blood Angel goodness)

Commander Dante 225 pts

Astorath the Grim 220 pts

5 Sanguinary Guard 285 pts
Death Masks, Chapter Banner, 2 Infernus Pistols,
Power Fist

5 Sanguinary Guard 255 pts
Death Masks, 2 Infernus Pistols, Power Fist

5 Sanguinary Guard 255 pts
Death Masks, 2 Plasma Pistols, Power Fist

5 Sanguinary Guard 255 pts
Death Masks, 2 Plasma Pistols, Power Fist

2 Sanguinary Priests 200 pts
2 Jump Pack, 2 Power Fist

2 Sanguinary Priests 180 pts
2 Jump Pack, 2 Power Swords

Chaplain 125 pts
Jump Pack

Total: 2000 pts

Basic setup should be one Sanguinary Priest per unit, with the 2 power fists joining the two plasma pistol squads (this should allow more tankbusting in those two squads since otherwise they have to rely on the plasma pistols)

Dante will join the unit with the chapter banner, Astorath and the chaplain will each be put in a separate unit.

Tactics? Hope to god I get second turn as I will be deepstriking my entire army > ! Kill as much as possible and laugh when I most likely lose, as I'm used to uphill battles (former Deathwing player).
To blindly follow others is to live the life of a lemming. Be yourself, no matter what others may say.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: This is NOT a competitive list!


even though the list is not meant to be competetive, there are some points which I would save here and there...

I would leave the death masks at home. Also giving any upgrades to the priests apart from the jump pack is not really necessary:
1.) if you want more powerfists, you get them cheaper in the squads
2.) all other models already have powerweapons (mastercrafted), so you don't really need them on the priests, and being ICs the opponent will try to (and quite possibly succeed in) getting them killed as soon as possible.

I would give the squad that is joined by Dante 3 Infernus pistols, to maximize the chances of really popping that tank/unit you are deepstriking next to.

Apart from that: I build my Sanguinary guard using Dark Angels veteran bodies with the weapons and wings (without the machinery bits) of the Sanguinius guard - for truly 'holy' looks
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Default Re: This is NOT a competitive list!

All I can really say is that I second all of Ikarus' points. Death Masks are fairly pricey for what they do. And Power Fists are better put on your squads - you don't want your Priests being any juicier of a target once the assaults begin!

I would keep the Priests basic, no upgrades beyond a Jump Pack. They're not there to kill, they're there to give you Feel No Pain and Furious Charge. The enemy will already want to single them out in close combat to kill your FnP, and making them more heavily armed is only going to encourage that. If you make the squads scarier (with more Fists and guns as suggested by Ikarus), the enemy will have a much harder decision on their hands.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: This is NOT a competitive list!

Oh, I forgot to say what I would do with the points that could be saved: well, I'd spend them on ... nothing!

Instead I would shrink the overall points value of the army! Also consider that you do not really need the Chaplain (the Sanguinary Guard have mastercrafted weapons, and with Astorath your squads have increased propability of being fearless). Therefore you can easily go down to 1750 points; if you leave Astorath at home as well, even 1500 points are possible with Dante, 4xSang. Guard, 4xSang. Priests.

Hence you can help the army without compromising it simply by giving your opponent less points to spend, so that your holy host is less outnumbered & outgunned...
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