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1000pt friendly SW army
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Default 1000pt friendly SW army

Wolf Priest: jump pack. melta bombs. saga or the warrior born XXXpts

3 Wolf Guard: 2 with twin wolf claws, 1 in terminator armour with twin wolf claws

Extra armour, Wolf tail talisman

6 Grey Hunters:
Power fist, meltagun, rhino

9 Blood Claws
Power fist, melta gun, rhino

Fast Attack
10 Sky Claws

Does this list even seem aggresive enough to win many games? I tried to make it friendly but I think I may have made it into a hush puppies army...
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Default Re: 1000pt friendly SW army

Hmmm this list needs some work...

The dread and termis arent really that fast enough to get to your enemies, they could push them off the board so easily, drop them and get something like 2 Dakka Predators, so you have some ranged punch.

Apart from that it can be a bit aggresive, and I'm not a fan of blood claws as their WS and BS is 3 so normally 5's to hit... no way

Apart from that it looks good, but consider changing warrior born to bear, your gonna need ethernal warrior a lot with this list seeing as the sky claws will be primary target.
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