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Vanilla Marines - 1,500 (need some help)
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Default Vanilla Marines - 1,500 (need some help)

So, as much as I enjoy the Marines when I'm taking a break from da Waaagh!, I don't do as well with them as I'd like. I've concluded my problem is that I write lists that are too generic, no defined specialization or goal and relying on adaptability through general units. That just isn't working for me and I've got enough games under my belt to realize that. I need to change my approach and define a style for myself. No sense continuing to do what isn't working.

With that in mind I set about creating this list. Here's the list first:

* Counts-as Kor'Sarro Khan

* Command Squad
  • Company Champion
  • Apothecary
  • Vet w/standard, bolt pistol, power sword
  • Vet w/bolt pistol, power fist
  • Vet w/storm shield, bolt pistol, chainsword
* Razorback w/extra armor, TL-heavy bolter
= 255

* Ironclad w/s-hammer + melta, DCCW + heavy flamer
* Drop Pod w/beacon, storm bolter
= 190

* Sternguard x 5 w/melta x 1 + Sarge w/melta bombs (wound allocation)
* Drop Pod w/beacon, storm bolter
= 180

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, missile + Sarge w/bolt pistol, power fist
* Drop Pod w/storm bolter
= 230

* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon + Sarge w/melta bombs, bolt pistol, power sword
* Rhino
= 240

Fast Attack
* Assault Marines x 10 w/flamer, plasma pistol + Sarge w/combat shield, bolt pistol, power fist = 245

My goal here is to mix things up a bit and make use of drop pods and outflanking via-Khan. Khan with Command Squad could outflank, the option is there. The unit itself should do well in assault with furious charge, hit + run and the power weapons I have. With 3 pods I'd put down the Dread and Sternguard on turn #1 for an alpha strike and the Tact pod showing up later. The Tacts in a Rhino I would probably combat squad to set up the lascannon and do some home objective defense while the other half moves up. The Assault Marines I would almost certainly outflank with to get them into assault safely.

I'm trying to not rely on any one trick and instead making use of a few with the goal of creating uncertainty. Nothing in the list has to be static and I can use outflanking via-Khan as needed but not make overuse of it either. I won't outflank and entire army or anything.

I'm also not trying to create a tournament list. I want a list that's fun for me to play, fun for someone else to face off against and isn't terrible either. What I'm wondering is, is there potential here or does it just seem gimmicky? I'm not as concerned with specific wargear choices I made, more trying to figure out if this style of list is workable. As much as I like the Marines it just hasn't clicked with me yet and trying to find that groove.
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