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Doublewing list (1750 pts)
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Default Doublewing list (1750 pts)

Now that I finally have myself a ravenwing box, I came up with an army list to suit it along with my current deathwing army

hq.... Belial w/ tllc
hq.... Sammael on speeder

Troop.. Deathwing assault squad- 2th/ss w/ apothecary and banner, 1 heavy flamer/ chainfist, 2 twin linked lightning claw termis

troop.. Deathwing squad w/ assault cannon and chainfist

troop.. Deathwing squad w/ assault cannon and chainfist

troop.. ravenwing 3 man squad with 2x flamers and sgt with power fist, multi melta attack bike

troop.. ravenwing 3 man squad with 2x flamers and sgt with power fist, multi melta attack bike

Heavy land raider crusader w/ extra armor

Opinions, thoughts?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Doublewing list (1750 pts)

HQ's - Not much to say here, they're mandatory for this list. Sometimes I run Sammy on his jetbike, just beware that because it's not a vehicle, his plasma cannon can overheat & hurt him. But he can be a pretty nasty in CC just because he's T5 (modified of course, but he is immune to insta-kill, so pretty irrelevant).

Troop #1 - Save 5 pts & ditch the chainfist. If you're using THIS particular unit to assault tanks, even for 'shots of opportunity' you're wasting a very expensive tooled up assault squad. This is the one you're gonna want to keep in their LRC until you need them (or until it gets melta'd, but lets not worry about that now, lol).

Troops #2 & 3 - Solid, I run 4 such units in my 2k+ DW lists.

Troops #4 & 5 - Personally, I would consolidate these into 1 6 man squad w/ an attack bike & combat squad them. But I can see where you're going w/ this. I would say, ditch the power fists on the sarges, give them power swords instead. One squad would have 2 melta's, and the melta attack bike. The other squad I would go flamers & h. bolter attack bike. Or, if you find you're low on anti-tank, you can keep the 2nd melta attack bike, since they don't have to be deployed w/ the regular bikes.

The melta squad can go tank hunting (along w/ the attack bike(s)), the flamers can either weaken unit for your termies to shoot-assault, or, just be a harassment unit. I try to keep my RW bikes out of assault if I can, in my army they have VERY dedicated roles (usually tank hunting) so if they get tied up in assault, they aren't threatening tanks. I have the power swords so if/when they do assault/get assaulted they have some punch to hopefully end the assault quickly & get back to their main role.

Heavy - Mandatory. However, don't bother w/ extra armor. PotMS lets you move up to your full movement in a straight line if you're stunned, so give it a hunter killer missile instead.

Hope this helps!

Oh, and btw, you're 40pts over the 1750 mark w/ your current write up..

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