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1.5k Blood Angels.
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Default 1.5k Blood Angels.

Hey guys, been hovering on these boards and not posting much for some time now, thought i would post up my 1.5k list so i can get some improvements on it, i tend to play fluffy lists or fun lists but this one is meant to be competative. I have played two games against two different necron lists, one unfinished game against imperial fists and one game against a somewhat rushed blood angels list (but the player was very good so it kind of balances it out). I won all the games (except the unfinished one, but it was looking good) but due to some bad luck on my opponents side i cant quite be sure if it is my list that is winning me the games.

Reclusiarch 130 pts

Sanguinary guard 210 pts
infernus pistol

sanguinary priest 75 pts
Jump pack

5 CC terminators 490 pts
Thunder hammers and storm shields
Land raider redeemer with multi melta and extra armour


10 man tactical squad 420 pts
Land raider redeemer with multimelta

10 man tactical squad 175 pts
plasma cannon

TOTAL: 1,500 pts

So i have a large amount of anti-infantry with one multi-purpose unit (the termies) and a few melta weapons and assault cannons.

thanks in advance for any help.

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