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Idea for 1500 Point Space Marine Kamikaze strike force
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Idea for 1500 Point Space Marine Kamikaze strike force

I have an idea for a 1500 point Space Marine strike force that enters the field kamikaze style. Tell me what you think. This is merely a nuisace strike force and not really meant to win a game.

1 - 10 man Terminator Squad
1 - Ironclad Dreadnaught with drop pod
1- Dreadnaught with Drop Pod
1- Captain Darnath Lysander
1- Land Raider
1- Land raider Redeemer

Would this be a deep strike force to be reckoned with?

Brother Postal
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Default Re: Idea for 1500 Point Space Marine Kamikaze strike force

Ok, first off, where are your Troops choices? What equipment do you have on your units?

If you're running Lysander, I would personally put him in a Pod with Sternguard rather than a big Termie unit, though the Termies are more durable.

Also, you know you won't be able to Deep Strike the Land Raiders, right? This is a vanilla list, not a Blood Angels one...


Also, would you like this moved to the Space Marine Army List board? You will likely get more views and opinions there.
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Default Re: Idea for 1500 Point Space Marine Kamikaze strike force

Ummm, is this meant to be legal, or for a very casual game? Cause you do need some troop choices. Drop the Redeemer and put in 2 Combat Squads with a Drop Pod Each, and you can still keep the theme.
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