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2500pt SW Drop Pods - "Logan's Strike Force"
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Default 2500pt SW Drop Pods - "Logan's Strike Force"

Alright, been a while since I made a pod list, but with the new dex I thought I'd give pods another run, so here's the current setup;

++ HQ ++

Logan Grimnar [270pt]

Wolf Priest [155pt]
Runic Armour, Jump Pack, WTT, Melta Bombs

Rune Priest [168pt]
Master of Runes, WTT, Storm Bolter, CoTS (Living Lightning & JotWW)

++ ELITES ++

Venerable Dreadnought [222pt]
P.Cannon, Hvy.Flamer
Drop Pod

Venerable Dreadnought [212pt]
Multi Melta, Hvy.Flamer
Drop Pod

++ TROOPS ++

4 Wolf Guard [252pt]
4x TDA, T.Hammer & S.Shield, Wolf Claws, C.Fist, Frost Axe & S.Shield
Drop Pod

5 Wolf Guard [260ptpt]
5x TDA, Cyclone M.Launcher, Combi Melta, Frost Axe, C.Fist
Drop Pod

9 Grey Hunters [220pt]
Wolf Std, MotW, Plasma Gun, P.Pistol
Drop Pod

10 Grey Hunters [210pt]
Wolf Std, MotW, 2x Flamer
Drop Pod

10 Grey Hunters [215pt]
Wolf Std, MotW, 2x Melta
Drop Pod


10 Skyclaws [220pt]
P.Fist, MotW

Landspeeder Typhoon [90pt]

TOTAL: 2499pt

Logan attaches to the first group of WG which is combat focused, other 5 WG are more ranged based though still able to hold their own in combat.

Rune Priest attaches to the 9man GH squad, which sits back holding an objective or table quarter, with support from the P.Cannon dread.

Typhoon gives me some skimmer hunting ability. Through playtesting I've found the Typhoons to be more effective overall then a dual M.Melta tornado, as their ability to switch to frag shots also gives them some anti-horde ability.

M.Melta dread drops in close to the biggest, nastiest looking piece of armour the enemy has and does his best to pop it, generally with the support of the dual Melta GH squad.

Overall the list is probably somewhat short on vehicle hunting ability, but then even my Mech lists I've been using to date have been pretty short on any really heavy anti-tank, and still goes fine against Mech IG.

Thoughts, comments?
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Default Re: 2500pt SW Drop Pods - "Logan's Strike Force"

That is a lot of points in your HQ, it's 24% of your army, and that is not good even in 2.5K games.

Is this list for fun games or 'ard Boyz ?

MotW in the Skyclaws is a waste when you have Berserk Charge, use a flamer instead.

There are no power weapons or fists in your GH units and this could lead to them getting bogged down in CC.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 2500pt SW Drop Pods - "Logan's Strike Force"

Yeh this list is for fun, nothing more.

I'm thinking I'll change this to a full "Logan's Heroes" list (See B&C SW section ).

It won't be an easy list to use, and hard to get good solid wins with... but thats half the fun . Space Wolves always enjoy a good hard fight .
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