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1750 DA Tourney list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1750 DA Tourney list

My club is having a friendly tournament next week (WYSIWYG, painted not necessary). This is my first tournament & after having played a few games, I think I have a slight handle on how my DA's work. This is my tentative list

Sammael on Jetbike (Will not post points cost as it is my only HQ char & don't want to give proprietary GW info. I'm sure it can be deducted after seeing the points cost of the rest of the army & subtracting that total from 1750)

Elite = 245
Deathwing Term's w/ Assault cannon

Troops = 885
1) 10 Tac Marines, Plasma Gun, Vet Sarge w/ Melta-bombs, Rhino w/ Xtra armor
2) Same as above
3) 10 Tac Marines, Vet Sarge w/ Melta-bombs, Lascannon
4) 5 Tac Marines, Vet Sarge w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon & Melta-bombs, Razorback w/ T/L Lascannons & Xtra armor
5) 6 Ravenwing bikers + Attack Bike w/ Multi-Melta. Sarge has Power Weapon & Melta-bombs, 2 bikers have Meltaguns

Heavy = 415
1) Vindicator w/ Xtra Armor
2) L.R. Crusader w/ Xtra Armor

Total = 1750

So I have 2 10 man squads w/ no heavy weapons, mounted in the Rhino's to try & take/contest objectives. I have one, unmounted w/ the Lascannon to sit back & take shots of opportunity @ vehicles (depending on mission, this could be the one that sits on objective(s) in my deployment zone). The 5 man squad may be held in reserve, or may just sit in the Razorback (again taking shots of opportunity) & try & swoop in, in the last turns of the game to help a beleaguered squad take an objective, or snag an uncontrolled one.

The Ravenwing will likely be a reserve unit to outflank & hopefully get some rear armor shots, or try & force a squad off an objective. If the mission dictates, they may start on the table & turbo-boost near a weak flank & 'port my Termies there - again, if it appears to be beneficial not to ferry them around in the LRC. They aren't an assault unit (no TH/SS & LC's) so it is possible that can sow enough confusion to make that a worthwhile tactic.

Sammy will be there to provide support where needed & finish off weakened or small units. The Vindicator is there for... well it's pretty obvious - the demolisher cannon will splatter anything not in cover, and even if they are in cover it WILL make them take that cover save.

Thoughts/questions about unit composition & tactics are certainly welcome!


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