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Space wolves 1k
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Default Space wolves 1k

So my friend wants to get into 40k, and wants to start up a space wolves army. As much as it pains me for my friend to want to play spess marineees ill suck it up and deal with it as the sons of russ are pretty badass. However i really have limited experience using/building wolves lists. So i come to you for help! This is roughly what he wants, feel free to post corrections on all wargear mistakes.

Rune Priest
Master of runes, combi melta, terminator armor w/Murderous hurricane and living lightning

5 wolf guard in terminator armor, 2 combi meltas, frost axe
Drop pod

9 Grey hunters, melta, power weapon
Drop pod

5 grey hunters, melta
Razorback w/ lasplas, extra armor

Heavy support:
5 long fangs, 5 missile launchers
Razorback w/ lasplas, extra armor

Total: 995 (i think)

He really wants to use either Grimnar or Ragnar, but i told him it would be a bad idea at 1k, as they would take up a 3rd of his points. As for strategy, the grey hunters/ wolf guard drop in and melt some tanks, while the long fangs lay down some serious anti everything fire, and the Rune priest rides with the grey hunters in the lasplas.
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