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2000 points 13th company space wolves (new book rules)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 2000 points 13th company space wolves (new book rules)

so as the title states i play a 13th company space wolves army based on the new books rules. i have only played 3 games with the list and so far my record is 1 win and 2 draws using the battle missions rules for missions.

for those of you who dont know much about the 13th company ill tell you a bit about it hoping that the small amount isnt against the rules.

they were sent into the warp by russ to harass and destroy the thousand sons when they fled prospero. they spent 10 thousand years there and only reappeared when abaddon launched his 13th crusade. they use no scouts, armoured vehicles, or terminator armour for squads such as wolf guard, but characters still have it in the book wolf's honour so im keeping with that fluff.

the entire army is converted plastics uusing space wolves and chaos marines except for my logan model which is converted from the space marine librarian model and my canis which is converted from the varghulf model into a gigantic wolf. in my fluff logan, njal, and canis are not actually themselves, i just need to figure out names for them. logan will most likely represent bulveye and njal will most likely be torvald, the characters named in wolf's honour, but im not sure if i should do that.

well enough talk from me onto the list.

logan grimnar (275 points)

njal stormcaller (245 points)
canis wolfborn (205 points)
-2 fenrisian wolves
wolf priest (110 points)
-wolftooth necklace

3 wolf guard (114 points)
-3 powerfists

10 grey hunters (205 points)
-power weapon, plasmagun, flamer, plasma pistol, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
10 grey hunters (205 points)
-power weapon, plasmagun, flamer, plasma pistol, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
10 grey hunters (205 points)
-power weapon, plasmagun, flamer, plasma pistol, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard

15 fenrisian wolves (120 points)

6 long fangs (155 points)
-3 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons
6 long fangs (155 points)
-3 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons

the list itself is fairly self explanitory. i join a character to every unit but the long fangs. and a wolf guard to each of the 3 grey hunter units. the grey hunter units have every upgrade possible but thats because i wanted them to be very flexible both against elite infantry and hordes. i rely heavily on my long fangs to kill armour, usually land raiders and dreads which my grey hunter squads would have a very hard time killing, though my last draw i did have a single squad take down 2 venerable dreadnoughts.

but yea again enough rambling. let me know what you think of the list. i dont plan on changing much just adding to the converted army as a whole so that i can mix and match as i see fit. ive already got a unit of wolf guard bikers in the conversion process.

thanks in advace.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 2000 points 13th company space wolves (new book rules)

Drop wolves for vehicles

Reconsider logan, njal, and canis - logan is worth something but you arent using him with crazy drop pod long fangs or wolf guard troops. njal is worth less in general, you are better off with 3-4 super fluffy rune priests and wolf lords or battle leaders. canis is generally useless, u could change him into a wolf lord on the wolf mount but again i say drop the thunderwolf and wolves for vehicles for everyone else. Wolf priest is good choice, so maybe add wolf lord and two rune priests, use all the rest of the points for rhinos and upgrade long fangs to missles launchers.
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Wrong about tanks, more for
Fluff reasons than anything else, it's simple. 13th don't have tanks, terminator armor etc.

I don't understand why they even had bikes in the eye of terror codex.

Agree about the characters though, waste of points and also they aren't in the 13th company lol.
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You have 800 points sunk into your HQs. That is almost 40% of your points on 4 models. If your walking, it's going to hurt you in object based games. IG will also sit in a far cornor and pound away at you.

I don't recommend tanks very often (not to people starting out because they are hard to chose the role you want them to have ) but take Rhinos for all your units and Razorbacks for the Long Fangs.

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