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1500Pt Tourney list. (Generic Codex, maybe BA codex)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1500Pt Tourney list. (Generic Codex, maybe BA codex)

Hey I have my first ever tourney and first 'real' game coming up on the 24th April, I'm collecting BA at the moment but not sure if I should switch to BA codex during the tourney as it will be new and I don't have time to paint more models that I probably will buy during the new realeases. Anyways here is my list, any improvements?


Chaplin 130
W/Storm Bolter + Terminator Armour


SM Squad 145
W/Plasma Pistol

SM Squad 180
W/Plasma Pistol
+Razorback w/Las Cannon

Scouts with sniper rifles 85
W/Missile launcher

Fast Attack:

Assault Squad 135
W/ Plasma Pistols2 + Melta bombs


Terminators 205
W/Heavy Flamer

Dreadnaught 125
W/Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support:

Land Raider 265
W/Extra Armour

Devastator Squad 230
+5 members
W/4 missile Launchers


Basic tactics for all 3 games is, deploy every unit bar the scouts on 1 half of the board and use the sniper rifles and missile launchers to harass the enemy to counter the snipers and get rid of them, thus making a good distracting unit not to meantion that they may be getting pinned on the way to kill me . Devs camp the back with their missile launchers, blowing up light transports with the dread in front of them ready to charge if Devs are about to be assault (hence the heavy flamer). Land raider and 2 Razorbacks camp the back poping vehicles and then start to charge on turn 2/3, unload terms and use the plasmas from the Sergents in razorbacks to pop vehicles rear armour/elite troops and the heavy flamer to burn down horde enemies.

Sounds like a plan?

Any more tatical advice?
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Default Re: 1500Pt Tourney list. (Generic Codex, maybe BA codex)

Can i ask why you have a 10 man dev team? Its costing you 80 points for 5 guys with bolters...You could have another couple of termies, or nearly another tactical squad for that! Personally i see missile laucher dev teams for sitting up the back. I might use a 10 man dev team if i was going for anti-infantry with heavy bolters, using shorter ranged weapons...but considering bolters are useless against vehicles i wouldnt take the extra 5 men to be honest. Points better spent elsewere


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Originally Posted by jhontauel
4 lightening claws LMAO. wouldn't the inquisition get involved?
Originally Posted by Jedibean
Killing terminators with flamers is like trying to stop a charging elephant with a fly swatter.
Originally Posted by Genmotty
if your not going to change your ammo between battles then you deserve to be giving people rashes.
Originally Posted by Tetrino
Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
Originally Posted by Fire at Will
Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: 1500Pt Tourney list. (Generic Codex, maybe BA codex)

10 man Devestator squads are more durable, as you have models to wound. In a 5 man you're pretty much immediately taking hits on your firepower for even a single wound. Furthermore, it lets you combat squad, so you can split your unit into 2 units with 2 Missiles each, giving you more flexibility. I'm not a big fan of Devestator squads due to their massive points costs, but if I did run them, I'd make it 10 man for sure.

Are your Tactical squads just 5 men, or are they 10 and intended to be Combat Squadded when/if they use their Razorback transport?
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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Default Re: 1500Pt Tourney list. (Generic Codex, maybe BA codex)

EDIT: Thanks for all the advice so far.
@Zambia Basically the same reason for what Seth said, more durable and it's something that the enemy will have to focus fire on if they are in cover, allowing for the other punching side of the army to dig into them. XD

Troops choices are all min troop count, I want them to not get shot at until turn 5.

Devs are expensive but I believe I really need a unit which can sit back if need be to make sure any horde armies can't run over me. 4 Small blaster markers on ork mobs or nid mobs will hopefully whittle their numbers down, as I see my army I don't see many shots as I traded that in for mobility. Sure you can run away from a horde army, but if they cover the table you're in a bit of trouble so need a unit to punch a quick hole through one side of his army.

Devs are currently the unit I'm not sure about, maybe 2 Baal Preds for similar costs or speeders? I want to avoid changing this list to much as the most I have will be $150 and I still have to paint everything by the 24th April.

Other options, I was thinking about:
1: 2 Speeders A: Heavy Flamer/Missile Launcher B: Heavy Flamer/Heavy Flamer(150) + Another 5 scouts(65) and Extra Armour on Razorback.
2: Assault Squad (Same layout[135]) + Predator w/Heavy Bolter sponsors(85) + Stormbolter on Razorback
3: Vindicator x2 W/Seigeshields (-Plasma and Meltabombs)

Personally I'm liking 3, very effective (from what I've seen) in defence and offence, camping near a objective in cover and blowing shit away also horde armies will have to spread themselves out meaning for Nids, lack synapses range. Not to meantion Strength 10 hitting vehicle power.

Any more thoughts? Especially on replacing the dev squad?

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