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Very Effective 1000 Point Doubles list(s)
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Default Very Effective 1000 Point Doubles list(s)

Hi ya'll. Me and a good friend of mine teamed up for a Double's Tourney in my local store, with the rules being 2 seperate armies at 1000 pts each, and no special rules crossovers. Well, after fighting our way through 2 landraiders (in one 1000 pts) with a hive tyrant, 2 Mawlocs, and Team IG 68 (it would theoretically take 68 Lascannons to kill the two armies!), we came out on top in first place! And, in my opinion, without cheesey armies. So, without further ado, here you are.

My List- 1000 pts exactly


Chapter Master: 200
-Relic Blade, Artificer Armour, Storm Shield, Auxillary Grenade Launcher


Tactical Squad: 195
- Seargant has a power weapon, Plasma Cannon, Melta-Gun

Tactical Squad: 190
-Plasma Gun, Lascannon


Dreadnought: 185
-Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta, Drop-pod with a Deathwind Launcher

Sternguard: 130
- 1 Combi-Melta

Heavy Support:

Thunderfire Cannon: 100

My Partner's List:


Kayvan Shrike: 195


Tactical Squad: 240
-Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Seargant has a Power Weapon, attached to a Rhino with a Hunter-Killer Missile

Scout Squad:85
-Missile Launcher, Sniper Rifles


Sternguard: 130
- Combi-Melta

Fast Attack:

Assault Squad
- 1 Flamer, Seargant has a Lightning Claw and a Melta-Bomb

Land Speeder:100
-Typhoon Missile Launcher, Multi-Melta

Heavy Support:

-Auto-Cannon Turret, Lascannon Sponsons.

Well, what do you think? I know they work, but I'd like to refine them.
"We needed him intact and alive for questioning!"
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