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follow the wolves list 1850
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Default follow the wolves list 1850

I know the title doesn't make since with the list much but here goes a 1850 list ive ran 3 games with and has done well. I run my wolf priest with the blood claws and use them as a counter assault unit with my greyhunters who provide close fire support and assist in assaults. the run priest runs with my 8 man hunter squad casting storm caller for a turn or 2. the wolf lord of course runs with the thunder wolves. I know the squad is small and they all got storm shields but i fig a small squad may get over looked and on top of that the storm shields would provide great resilence helping them get stuck in quickly and keep going. I really don't need to go into detail with the long fangs. the wolf guard I assign the lone power fist with the blood claws and the 2 combi meltas in with my 2 melta squads. All in all the list has done quite well facing nids, guard, and orks.

Wolf lord- wtn, sage of the bear, frostblade, storm shield, Thunder wolf- 245
wolf priest-100
rune priest-100

3 wolf guard- 2 combi melta, 3 powerfist-124


10 grey hunters- 2 plasma gun-160

8grey hunters- melta gun-125

5 grey hunters- melta gun-80

15 bloodclaws-225

Fast attack

3 thunder wolves- 3 storm shield, 1 power fist-265

heavy support
6 long fang-2 lascannon, 3 heavy bolters- 155

6 long fang 2plasma cannon,3 missle launchers-160


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