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1500 Points Space Wolves- 4 Battle Leaders
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Default 1500 Points Space Wolves- 4 Battle Leaders

Okay, so I understand that this list will win no tournaments. I understand that I will be shredded by tanks. I understand that things aren't too effective probably. I just had to do it. ;D



WG Battle Leader
2 Thunder Hammers
150 Points

WG Battle Leader
SM Bike
Thunder Hammer
135 Points

WG Battle Leader
2 Wolf Claws
Saga of the Hunter
120 Points

WG Battle Leader
Thunderwolf Mount
Frost Blade
240 Points


3 Wolf Guard
3 w/ TDA, PW, SB
Drop Pod
134 Points

5 Wolf Scouts
2 PW
105 Points

Lone Wolf
Storm Shield
Mark of the Wulfen
65 Points


5 Grey Hunters
120 Points

5 Grey Hunters
140 Points

[u]Fast Attack

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry
Power Weapon
Mark of the Wulfen
170 Points

4 Swiftclaw Bikers
120 Points

[b][u]TOTAL = 1499 Points


Okay, I'll assume that the setup is fairly obvious. Hunters sit on objectives, each Battle Leader goes with their armour/mount type (Saga of the Hunter goes with Scouts). The Lone Wolf is there to draw some fire and mess up anything that he gets to CC with (SS replaces CCW).

Thoughts, comments, and mockery welcome.

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Originally Posted by Circus, HARLEQUIN OF TAU 0NLINE!
That makes far too much sense to be used in 40k
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