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Black Templars 2000pt List [EDIT 15/02/10]
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Default Black Templars 2000pt List [EDIT 15/02/10]

Basically I broke it down into three parts:
1) Pods are the direct force to take the fight to the enemy and represent the fluff of Templars assaulting in Drop Pods and on Thunderhawks.
2) LRC, Vindicator, Predator Destructor provide the hammer.
3) Assault Troops, Chaplain w/ Jump Pack, Land Speeder provide the fast cover and flexibility.

EDIT: I have changed the list around a bit. It's at 1,971 points now, andy suggestions on what to spend the extra 28 points on? I was thinking Blessed Hull for the LRC.


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Default Re: Black Templars 2000pt List [EDIT 15/02/10]

Dangerman from my perspective of this all i can see is a fast moving list, which is great, but what bothers me is the fact
that you have terminators walking on foot or deep striking i dont know, which is dangerous, my point is your list is fast so you should give the
terminator the land raider and for the extra 28 points maybe get another drop pod for that squad that will be missing the land raider crusader
but also have to squeeze out 2 pts i dont know were,besides that everything else looks fine.

hope this helps
Blood angels......AWESOME!!
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