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500pt Space Wolf army
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Default 500pt Space Wolf army

Wolf Priest
Jump Pack and Combi Melta

5 Sky Claws
Power Fist and Melta Gun

6 Grey Hunters
Power Fist and Melta Gun

6 Grey Hunters
Power Fist and Melta Gun

so this is my small army for kickin ass in some games i hope to play against Chaos Space marines, Black Templars, Eldar, Tyranids and vanilla Marines

any comments critisisms are welcome!

well if they werent why would i post a list here!
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Default Re: 500pt Space Wolf army

Not a bad list, seeing as i'm starting SW and already have 1'250 pts of SW.

Just a few things that get's me.

Why no transports? if it were me i'd take out sky claws and use pts on getting Razorbacks for Grey Hunters

Your very Melta-heavy, take some down as you don't need 3 meltaguns, only mybye for like the sky Claws or something.
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