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2000pt blood angel torney list
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 2000pt blood angel torney list

Already then , it seems i find my self with blood angels into an tournament as well.
well here is my list for now, and is open up for suggestions...

lord dante/upgrade to chap banner -215pt

Brother corbollo -100pt

honor guard- 220pt
standard bearer
melta gun
2 power swd
jump packs
going w/dante


Death company-0pt
Extra armor
storm bolter
hunter killer

Furioso dred-145pt
death company
Drop pod-40pt


Assualt squad-170pt
Vt sgt w/melta bombs, power fist

x2 Tac squad -235
+5 men
Missile launcher
melta gun
vt sgt w/power fist

Fast attack

attack bike-50pt

Heavy support

baal predator-150 pt
Extra armor
storm bolter

2 plasma cannon
2 lascannon

[i]I would have probably combat squad the tac squad if it was mission based[, also corbollo is goin
with the death company /i]

Blood angels......AWESOME!!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 2000pt blood angel torney list

I forgot to include that the Baal predator had heavy bolted sponsons and
Devastator vt sgt had a power fist
Blood angels......AWESOME!!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 2000pt blood angel torney list

really not even one comment, not one person to say anything.
Blood angels......AWESOME!!
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Default Re: 2000pt blood angel torney list

Double posting, let alone triple posting, is frowned upon at this site. If you have something constructive to say, it is acceptable in some cases, but if you are just bumping a thread to get more replies, you'll actually dissuade people from looking at your list. If you haven't already, I suggest taking a gander at the Rules for more information.


I don't call myself an expert on Blood Angels, but I personally feel you're dropping too many points in the Headquarters slot. Also, that Power Fist for the Devastators is completely unnecessary.
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Default Re: 2000pt blood angel torney list

Sorry for not posting sooner, sometimes posts get overlooked. I'm not a fan of the single attack bike or the single Baal predator. Your tacs need rhinos, as well, even if they're designed more as objective huggers. A powerfist in a dev squad is stupid, quite frankly. If your devs are getting into assault, you're doing something wrong.

Drop the devs entirely. Drop the extra armour and storm bolter on the baal predator. This gives you 390 points to work with. Give your two tac squads rhinos and up their missile launchers to lascannons. 290 left. Another multi-melta attack bike would be good. You can have them in one squad or two, up to you. 240 left. We're still lacking a bit of long range fire support, so let's throw in a second Baal. 115 left. Not a ton of points to work with, but let's see what we can do. Your single furioso worries me, so maybe we can do something about that. Let's drop the storm bolter and hunter-killer from the DC rhino. We're up at 135 now. Still 50 points away from getting another drop pod DC furioso. The powerfists on the sergeants on the tactical squads are unnecessary in my opinon. Your tac squads are fire support. It would still be nice to give them fists, but it's more important to get that second furioso in so your lone dread doesn't get popped. I'd honestly recommend the bolter to the sergeant. Get those extra shots wherever you can. We're up to 185 now and can throw in a second furioso bringing your total up to exactly 2000. Let's see what the list looks like right now.

HQ: 535
Dante - 215
- chapter banner
Corbulo - 100
Honour Guard - 220
- sanguinary priest
- standard bearer (upgraded to chapter banner)
- melta gun
- 2 power swords
- jump packs

Elites: 425
Death Company - 55
- 4 free
- rhino
- extra armour
2x Furioso Dreadnought - 185 x2
- venerable
- death company
- drop pod

Troops: 690
Assault Squad - 170
- powerfist
- melta bombs
2x Tactical Squad - 260 x2
- +5 men
- melta gun
- lascannon
- rhino

Fast Attack: 100
2x Attack Bikes - 50 x2
- multi-melta

Heavy Support: 250
2x Baal Predator - 125 x2
- heavy bolters

Total: 2000

That's what I'd recommend. If you want power weapons in your tac squads, drop the lascannons back down to missile launchers and drop the extra armour from the DC rhino. Give a power weapon to both sergeant and melta bombs to one of them. Done.

Happy hunting!

Originally Posted by Odo The Brave
Crazy Guy, you are very disturbing...

Do It! ;D
5th edition stats (W/D/L)
Deathwing: 14/6/3
Tau: 5/0/3
Blood Angels (NEW): 10/1/3
Blood Angels (OLD): 27/5/10
Eldar: 10/0/1
Death Guard: 1/0/0
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