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Advice on 1.5k DA list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Advice on 1.5k DA list

So I have this DA army that I bought from a friend years ago when he started Eldar (wish I could have gotten that army too before his son turned them into 'toys' for he & his friends), and it is is a quite old army, it was put together back in the days of 2nd edition (this was the 1st army I ever fought against actually & it put a terrible hurt on my 1st army - DE!), so it's a bit out of date. However, a majority of the models are painted (including hand painted chapter/squad markings on the shoulders) and I wanted to try & put together an army w/ what I have available (read: Painted & Assembled according to WYSIWYG rules - I didn't want to plop down an army & pick out a random model & say he's my chapter master w/ Powerfist, Power weapon, plasma pistol.. etc.). And, as I am returning to the hobby & I see that the new Tau codex is still quite a ways away, I figured I could update these guys and get them out on the table w/ a minimum of problem. So, any & all critiquing is welcome, so long as its constructive

HQ - 145pts
Librarian in Term armor

Elite - 245 pts
1 DW Sarge w/ power weapon, 4 D/W Term's, 1 w/ assault cannon

Troops - 470
(1) 10 SM Tac squad w/ plasma gun @ missile launcher
Rhino w/ H.K. missile

(2) 10 SM Tac squad w/ melta gun @ missile launcher
Rhino w/ H.K. Missile

F.A. - 180
3 RW Bikers + Attack Bike w/ multi-melta
1 Biker has melta gun

H.S. - 440
Vindicator w/ xtra armor

10 SM Dev squad
Vet sarge has plasma pistol & power weapon
3 plasma cannons & 1 missile launcher

Total: 1480

Again, this is a list based on what is painted @ assembled, so is this really even viable? I've never played as SM before, tho I have played AGAINST this particular army, but not necessarily in this composition, there's plenty of this army that is not painted/assembled, so there was lots of 'counts as'. I can see for sure that I could have a hard time w/ lots of armor on the field w/ this build, not a whole lot of AT weaponry, so I'm sure that will be the biggest suggestion you guys make.

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Default Re: Advice on 1.5k DA list

That's a pretty standard battleforce army, lol. You'd be better off running that as a standard space marine force, you'll end up with a lot of extra points and quite literally nothing changed in the list. As DA, really the only unique element is the deathwing. The Ravenwing is good, but can be done with space marines as well (albeit a little differently).

As far as casual lists go, you'll do okay. Use your bikes as suicidal melta (better if you can get a second meltagun in there) and sit still slagging infantry with the rest of the list. Using solely the DA dex, there really aren't many ways to improve the list based on what you have there. A melta instead of the plasma in the first tac squad would be welcome. 3 plasma in the devs is probably overkill. You might be better off with a lascannon or some more missile launchers.
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