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Space Wolf army 1500 pts.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Space Wolf army 1500 pts.

Space Wolf Army 1500 pts.

HQ: Rune Priest in TDA

Elite: Dreadnought w. Plasma cannon and Extra armour.

Elite: Wolf Guard Pack
Total of 8 Wolf Guards

1# Wolf Guard in Power Armour
Twin Wolfclaws
Attached to Bloodclaws

2# Wolf Guard in Power Armour
Powerfist and Combi-Melta
Attached to Grey hunter pack A

3# Wolf Guard in Power Armour
Attached to Long fangs

4# - 5# Wolf Guard in TDA
Stormbolter and Wolf claw

6# - 7# Wolf Guard in TDA
Stormbolter and Powerfist

8# Wolf Guard in TDA
Stormbolter, Chainfist and Cyclone

WG 5#-8# advanced on foot as a unit.

Troops: Bloodclaws Pack
9 BCs
Flamer; Powerfist

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack #A
9 GHs
Meltagun; Mark of the Wulfen; Wolfbanner

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack #B
10 GHs
Plasmagun, Plasmagun

Fast Attack: Landspeeder
Multi-melta; Heavy flamer

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack Heavy Bolter (x3); Lascannon (x2);

Heavy Support: Predator
Autocannon; Lascannon sponsons

This is the 1500 pts. list I aim to do - But before gluing anything together I would like to hear your opinion about it: Am I covered in all aspects: Horde and Mech opponents?. Did I make any obvious mistakes?

It is an all-comers list that is fitted for tournaments and should be somewhat fair and interesting to play.

As a 250 points upgrade I would like to tip it off with 5 Thunder Wolf Cavalry models if FW puts out some nice models and then shift a Powerfist from the BC Pack to the TWC.

Comments and help appreciated...!!!


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Default Re: Space Wolf army 1500 pts.

Hmm, if you are planning to walk those TDA Wolves. Better kiss them Goodbye. They won't last long.

I think for the same price you could get another Unit of GH 10, so you can get the free weapon.

Plus GH unit B is walking, it should be in a Rhino.

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Default Re: Space Wolf army 1500 pts.

I'd scrap the Terminator armored units. Only keep the ones that you'll be attaching to the squads. Spend the extra points elsewhere.
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