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2000 point all rounder list
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Default 2000 point all rounder list

I'm wanting to put together this army, but before I start buying stuff I wanted to get some opinions on the list.

Here we go:


Pedro Kantor


Tactical squad
Sergeant with power weapon and plasma pistol
Space marine with meltagun
Space marine with plasma cannon
7 space marines with boltguns
Dozer blade
Extra armour

Scout squad
Sergeant with bolt pistol, combat blade and teleport homer
9 scouts with bolt pistols and combat blades


Sternguard veteran squad
Sergeant with boltgun
9 veterans with boltguns
Drop pod
Deathwind missile launcher
Locator beacon

Ironclad dreadnought
Hurricane bolter
Seismic hammer with built in meltagun
Ironclad assault launchers
2x hunter killer missile

Terminator assault squad
Sergeant with lightning claws
4 terminators with lightning claws

Fast attack

Vanguard veteran squad
Sergeant with relic blade and jump pack
4 veterans with bolt pistols, power weapons and jump packs

Land speeder storm

Land speeder storm
Heavy bolter

Heavy support

Thunderfire cannon

Sponson heavy bolters
Dozer blade
Extra armour

Dozer blade
Siege shield
Extra armour

All suggestions and criticism welcome.
This is a great community, thanks a million skylight!
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