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Iron Shadows 2000pts
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Default Iron Shadows 2000pts

Ok, so after much tweaking and fiddling I think I've finally gotten this list into something workable.

Their army list can be found here, and I'm looking for some decent feedback on what you guys think. I use Shrike to infiltrate the vanguard vets(Note: My LGS allows shrike to do this, so no crying about it please). My scouts are one of the most effective units I've got, as their ability to outflank multimeltas and powerfists at my enemy's ass works beautifully if he tries to turtle in a corner. The Suicide Dread is basically my swiss army nought. Comes in first turn and hopefully pops a tank, or at least soaks up a turn or two of firepower for the Iron Clad to waddle into killing range. Fleet from Shrike allows my regular tac marines to be incredibly potent assaulting units, and on more than one occasion they've saved the day by simply flooding a CC unit with too many bodies to manage. :P

Also, Fluff!

Iron Shadows, a depleted chapter hailing from far into the Eastern Fringe in an area of space known as the Iron Stars, where the Imperium has had little to no control over since the Horus Heresy. The astartes of this chapter survive in such inhospitable space by constantly living in enemy controlled territories. They are famed for their mastery of hit-and-run and surprise attacks through the use of scouts and assault troops. Though rarely seen outside of the Iron Stars region, They have occasionally been sighted in bordering imperial space, supposedly tracking down dark beings from the Iron Stars that escaped the vigilance of their constant watch.

Official records state the Iron Shadows at only three companies strong, plus varied groups of scout companies that they call 'Rapid Reaction Parties'. The current condition and whereabouts of their Chapter Master is unknown, although there are recent records of a First Captain Rokh as late as 003.M42.

Chapter Colors are battered Gunmetal Grey with flecks of black paint, and an aging bronze trim. They are not known to field or even own tanks or terminators, although dreadnoughts and use of drop pods/land speeders have been documented.
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