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Tried this list today, 1000 point vanilla
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tried this list today, 1000 point vanilla

Librarian 'Abraham' w/ Gate of Affinity and avenger 100

Terminator Squad 'Charlie' 5x w/ Assault Cannon 230

Tac Squad 'Alpha' 10x, Plasma, Missile, Fisty Sgt 205
Tac Squad 'Bravo' 10x, Plasma, Missile, Fisty Sgt 205
Scout Squad 'Delta' 5x, Snipers, Missile, beacon

Landspeeder 'Echo' w/ Multi Melta, Heavy Bolter 70
Landspeeder 'Foxtrot' w/ Heavy Bolter, Missile 90

So I threw out the idea of using Cassius, he is tough and cheap but I really only wanted to field him because I was reminiscing of the my Chaplain's glory days back in 4th edition :-\

I saw some cool uses of librarians on battle reports, mainly utilizing gate. I had to try it so I came up with this list and it was hilariously effective. My idea was to stick the scouts way out there and gate with the termies to whatever came there way.

My opponent fielded his red scoprion army, drop pod w/ 5 sternguard all combied out, 5x tac squad, fist sarge, chap in a razorback w/ tl autocannons, an iron clad dread and a full tac squad all plasmaed out. It looked short on bodies to me, but if the dice roll well for you with a list like that you will do some damage.

First of all I was suprised by how much I crammed in for 1000 points, especially compared to my opponent. The speeders performed well, and had it not been an anilation mission I imagine they would have really shined but as it was they killed many marines and took pop shots at the vehicles.

The real MVP to my suprise was the librarian. The sternguard droped right near my scout's forward location, and reduced them to two men. The scout's stayed put, and in response I gated my libby and termies right next to the sternguard, who made short work of them. The surviving members shotback and charged the libby and termies, but the libby cut both down.

On a roll, they then killed the squad which the chap was riding with after a tac squad popped their razorback, and even put a wound on the chap. This was the only time I used the AP3 template power but in two back to back turns the libby had more than made his points back killing two sternguard in hand to hand, and 3 marines with his template. Not to mention the element of suprise he gave me with gate.

The librarians fun didn't stop there, (really I'm not lying, best 100 points ever) after he ditched the terminators to deal with the iron clad, he gated to one of my full stength tac squads, then next turn gated the 11 of em behind the opponents main sqaud and rapid fired the shit out of em. Brilliant.

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