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Space Marine Mechanized Fury
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Default Space Marine Mechanized Fury

Space Marine Captain w/ Powerfist

Command Squad x5 (Captain Goes in here)
. Company Champion
. Company Standard
. Apothecary
. Veteran with Power Sword
. Veteran with Powerfist
: 185pts

Sterngaurd Veterans x5
. Serg w/ Power Sword
. x2 Lascannons
: 170pts

Tactical Squad x10
. Serg w/ Plasma Pistol
. Meltagun
. Missile Launcher
. Rhino
: 225pts

Tactical Squad x10
. Serg w/ Powerfist
. Plasmagun
. Heavy Bolter
. Rhino
: 240pts

Tactical Squad x10
. Serg w/ Power Sword
. Meltagun
. Missile Launcher
. Rhino
: 225pts

: 85pts

: 250pts

: 250pts

: 1755pts

This list is supposed to be 1750 pts. The Command Squad and Captain will commondeer the first land raider and the Sterngaurd will hop in the second Land raider. So how does this list look? C & C are highly welcome.
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