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1000pt spacewolf army for a beginner
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Default 1000pt spacewolf army for a beginner

Wolf Lord:
Terminator Armour, Twin Wolf Claws

5 Wolf Guard Terminators:
2 with Twin Wolf Claws
2 with Power Fists
1 with The Mark Of The Wulfen

with Extra Armour, Wolf Tail Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman

(3x)10 Grey Hunters:
with Flamer and Plasma Gun

This army is for a three way battle I'm having tomorrow (late notice I know sorry) my aopponents will be Eldar and either Tau Empre, Tyranids or Witch Hunters (one of my friends hasnt decided yet) and they will be using the models i own for each army so i know what they will have to choose from but I have never faced one of my own armies before so I don't really know what to do. I know how the armies function but I dont know how to counter them ith what I have.

For Tau I have 5 suits, 36 Fire Warriors, 2 Rail Gun Fishes, 2 Troop fishes, 6 Stealth Suits and 24 Kroot (they may have to proxy a few models if they want other stuff)

Witch Hunters is 2 Leader chicks, 30 Batle sisters, 10 Seraphim, Inquisitor and a big retiune, 30 Imperial Guard, 1 Excorcist, 2 Penitent Engines, 2 Rhinos, 6 Arco Flagellants, 1 priest (I use a WHFB Empire Priest for him)

Tyranids is 1 winged Hive Tyrant, 2 Tyrant Guard, 8 Gene Stealers, 12 Warriors, 2 Carnifexes and about 76 mixed Gaunts.

Eldar is 1 Autarch with no arms (lol), 1 Farseer, 4 Warlocks, 20 Dire Avengers, 30 Guardians, 10 Storm Guardians, 6 Striking Scorpions, 6 Howling Banshees, 3 Dark Reapers, 8 Harlies, 3 Jet bikes, 1 Wraithlord and 2 Falcon Grav tanks.

So Space Wolf Terminators can't deepstrike can they? or is that just a Fluff thing?
And I know The Mark Of The Wulfen isn't the greatest thing but I just love the idea of a frothing lunatic in a squad of highly trained warriors.

Also the Dreadnaught was just to make my points up to 1000 pts... Hes just for fun as i know none of my opponents have any anti-tank

P.S. This will be my FIRST battle with Space Wolves so to be honest I dont expect to win but I want to make a good account for myself on the field of battle

And the scenario we are using is the one where everyone has thier own camp which counts as an objective and everyones HQ starts in the middle.... so I dont want my Wolf Lord to Die to some Pesky little Eldar Autarch!
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