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1250pts Lotta Dogs List
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Default 1250pts Lotta Dogs List

Hi All,
This is my first attempt at a SW list, and it's mostly centered around the fact that I really like calvary:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/ Thunderwolf, TH/SS, Saga of Wolfkin, Wolftooth
Iron Priest w/ Thunderwolf, Cyberwolvesx4, Wolftooth, Wolf Talisman
Grey Huntersx5, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, in EA Razorback w/TL Lascannon
Grey Huntersx5, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, in EA Razorback w/TL Lascannon
Fenrisian Wolvesx10
Fenrisian Wolvesx10
Thunder Wolf Calvaryx4, TH, SS, Melta Bomb
Long Fangsx5, MLx4

It's bang on at 1250 at this point, but I want to add an Inquisitor Lord to bolster up my Anti-Psi and maybe add some more to push me up to 1500...

But with it's core right now, what's wrong with it, and let me know what's what!

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Default Re: 1250pts Lotta Dogs List

2 very small troop units. I would drop a unit of fenrisian wolves for more grey hunters and just take rhinos instead of razorbacks, you should have enough AT with out the razorback lascannon.
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Default Re: 1250pts Lotta Dogs List

Scoring units are key to winning 2/3 games. This list dosnt have a hope of holding objectives.
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Default Re: 1250pts Lotta Dogs List

You may want to drop a few toys first in this order (so you have enough points to beef up those Grey Hunters Packs as well as getting a 3rd Troop Choice which is optional but the those 2 are the most important):
1) 1st Fenrisian Wolves Pack
2) 2nd Fenrisian Wolves Pack
3) Iron Priest
4) Long Fangs
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Old 01 Jan 2010, 16:56   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1250pts Lotta Dogs List

No Wolfguard? What about Dogboy? Or is he just for fluff purposes?

Anyway, from the point of view of someone who knows little to nothing about Marines and has never actually looked in the Wolve's codex, I'd say you should be looking to have a few more marines and fewer fenerisians. If you like them so much, I think heroes can take them as pets (think attack squig).

Anyway, yeah, more basic grey hunters, or perhaps put them together into 1 unit in a rhino and get some Blood Claws. Then you get a few more bodies and if you go up to the same points level as Grumgutz (1850 isn't it) then you can get a suitable number of troops choices, some heavy firepower (which Marines like, I think) and lots of those doggies which you seem to have taken a shine to.

But yeah, pay more attention to the marine players, they know what they're on about, (I hope).

Looking forward to seeing this lot in action anyway. Good luck>
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