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Novamarines Chapter-Company
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Default Novamarines Chapter-Company

In their brief description in the Marine codex, it states that the Novamarines are scattered throughout the galaxy since the 37th millenium, and have not fought as a whole since. I thought this was cool because I was having an idea about making a whole company of entirely self sufficient marines. Origionally it was going to be a 'battle company' but using the Novamarines (besides I wanted to try a new, challenging color scheme) I was thinking about squad organization. It makes sense that a single isolated company, after some time, will have new recruits to replace the dead, and have some veterans emerge in their ranks, so in that sense, the vets and scouts are actually part of the isolated company, rather than attached to it. The vehicles are all really old (origional predator layout, origional rhino, razor, and whirlwind from 2nd ed back before they had upgrades possible or different weapon options) to represent that they have been out of contact with their chapter for 3000 years or so. New stuff just isn't available to them.

This army is based on the black reach marines, a battleforce, and a couple of extra vehicles.

Captain, power sword, hellfire rounds

Terminators (5)

Sternguard(5) (the captain rides with them)
+ Razorback, lascannon and twin plasma guns (the ancient Mk.I!)

Dreadnought, multimelta

tactical marines (10), missile launcher, flamer
+rhino (also Mk.I!)

tactical marines (10), missile launcher, flamer

scouts (5) close combat weapons and bolt pistols

assault marines (5)

Predator, lascannon sponsons (also the Mk.I!)



The whole thing comes out to 1500 points. I don't have the figs yet but I plan on it as soon as I get my check in January, and I don't want to commit until I have it hashed out well enough. I want to know if this army seems feasable. It's very stripped down I know, but I wondered if that could actually be a good thing. The only unnecessary addition is the captain's hellfire rounds because I had 10 points sitting around after just looking at the basic figures.

I was thinking that the tactical missile launchers (split squad of course), dreadnought multimelta, and predator and razor lascannons could handle a decent amount of antitank duty, and the obvious bolters from the sternguard and other tac squads supply the dakka, whirlwind sits back and lobs stuff, while scouts can flank and assault can countercharge. Any thoughts? I haven't played marines in a long time.
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