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850pt spacewolf (witch hunters army) beginners army
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Default 850pt spacewolf (witch hunters army) beginners army

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Wolf Claw, Plasme Pistol

5 Wolf Guard

5 Wolf Guard
Terminator Armour all round
1 w/ twin Lightning Claws
1 w/ Mark of the Wulfen
2 w/ Melta Bombs

10 Blood Claws
1 w/ Power Fist

10 Sisters of Battle
1 w/ Melta Gun
1 w/ Heavy Flamer

5 Seraphim
2 w/ twin Inferno Pistols

I know this army list is not legal as Witch Hunters cannot ally with Space Wolves but it is all the models I have and it is for a friendly game with people who are not fussed about it.

I am wondering on tactics to utilise next week against my friends Black Templars and Eldar, the Black Templar player is an established player and the Eldar will be proxying all models as he is just begining. So I do not wish to be too powerful, hence no transports or anything mechanised, so I can keep the new guy interested but I have never played a game before either and would like to be able to beat my friends Black Templars as they have quite an extensive un-beaten record.

Any help would be very muchly appreciated.

El Moustache

P.S. I hope the mods are happy now im trying hard to use punctuation to make my posts clearer and easier on the eyes
El moustache and his wonderific travelling spastic dream farm for 11 of the least well respected mostly fewer than eighty percent of the adventurism!!

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Default Re: 850pt spacewolf (witch hunters army) beginners army

why the seraphim bud? skyclaws can do pretty much the same thing, and not require the wierdness of two unrelated armies?

I am really interested in your soon to be homecoming game, you been talking about this on the eldar board too. i wanna see what armies you finally flesh out for your friends. makes me jealous i had anyone living around here to play with instead of travelling for miles for a store matchup with a stranger.
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Default Re: 850pt spacewolf (witch hunters army) beginners army

First of all, drop mark of the wulfen from the termy squad. You are paying for a power weapon when you upgrade him and it becomes useless when you give him mark of the wulfen. You would be better off giving it to a normal wolf guard model.

Not sure what to do against the black templar and no idea what to do against the eldar cause I have no idea what their lists are gonna be like :S
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