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1850 Deathwatch Killteam tourney list
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Default 1850 Deathwatch Killteam tourney list

This army is built for fluff and composition not for winning. However i do believe that it is still competative, i play in fairly balanced tournaments with not alot of powergaming douchebags so i believe that i do stand some chance of atleast putting up a decent fight.

Hq Choices:
Space marine commander in artificer armor with relic blade and digital weapons 155pts

Allied Inquisitor lord with Purgatus, and bolter retinue sage and 2 h-bolter servitors 122pts

Callidus Assassin 120pts

Dreadnought with assault cannon 115 pts

5 Sternguard Veterns, sgt. has Power fist and 1 trooper has Combi-plasma mounted with commander in razor back 230 pts

10 manTactical squad in rhino with multi-melta and meltagun 210pts

10 manTactical squad with hbolter and plasma gun 180pts

5 Scout snipers with camo cloaks 4 sniper and h-bolter 100pts

Fast attack:
5 vanguard veterns; 2 with plasma pistols, 2 with power weapons and sgt with relic blade 200pts

8 assault marines sgt has powerfist 179pts

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind 85pts

5 man Devestator squad with 4 missile launchers 150pts
Total cost 1846
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Default Re: 1850 Deathwatch Killteam tourney list

I know that you don't want to make too many changes to keep your fluffiness, but I think that the dreadnought should use the cheaper multi-melta, the inquisitor lord should have two mystics and ideally also take an Emperor's Tarot. The heavy bolter is pretty meh for a tactical squad, and the Vanguard would be better served with lightning claws instead of power weapons (claws are better against enemies T4 and higher). Plasma pistols are very expensive and a complete waste if you use heroic intervention. How are the vanguard getting into combat?
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