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Complete noob army at 1000 points, thoughts and suggestions?
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Default Complete noob army at 1000 points, thoughts and suggestions?

Firstly, this is an astartes company of the Doom Eagles (I like red and silver) 5th company. It is the beginning of a project to create an actual 'tactical company', rather than a list including scouts or veterans or terminators or dreads or raiders, or anything that isn't actually part of the company... for an effective army that adheres to the precise astartes doctrines, led by a lesser captain. Just a plain old tactical company led by a mediocre leader. This is approximately the first third of the force, and the intention is to stay away from supercharacters and massive upgrades. I want to eventually add a second force org led by the company chaplain, and a third led by the captain. Because Roboute Guilliman likes to count in 10s, I decided to make each force org 1000 points and work in clumps like that. This is the first org I want to work on. The next one will be the chaplain and the two assault squads, landspeeders, bikes. Then Finally the Librarian with the remaining tactical, techmarine, whirlwind, vindicator, remaining devastators, etc as the last 1000 points.

So it's meant to be a force of 'average' Marines (funny concept), company operating out of chapter support, so no 1st company, no 10th company, no special stuff... just the company itself. The idea I had is that the company would be mechanized, all moving from front to front via transports and tanks rather than drop pods.

So here's the first bit:


10 marines, flamer, heavy bolter
10 marines, meltagun, heavy bolter
10 marines, meltagun, multimelta

5 devastators, 4 missiles

Predator, heavy bolter sponsons

3 rhinos

1 razorback


The tactical squads will be split, and the librarian will be deployed with one of the melta squads, in a razorback, using the predator as the spearhead in front of it, with rhinos on either side so its harder for them to be charged from by guys getting around behind.

I figure the devastators and Multimelta combat squad are a nice scary AT threat, the razorback, predator, and heavy bolter combat squads are good infantry killers, while the 3 special weapons combat squads and librarian are more of an advancing thing staying together in a formation with pred in front, razor behind, and a rhino on either side.

------------deploy line-------
Rh(tac) Rz(tac) Rh(tac)

tac(HB) Dev(ML) Tac(HB) Tac(MM) Rh
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Default Re: Complete noob army at 1000 points, thoughts and suggestions?

Heavy bolter in tactical squads is a piece of poop. The missile launcher or multi-melta are better. Especially the multi-melta if the squad is Rhino mounted (so you have a bunker that Land Raiders can't get too close to).
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