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1750pts space marine list
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Default 1750pts space marine list

Here's my list, and it is kinda unconventional in more ways than one.
Space Marine Captain
Artificier armour
Relic Blade
Storm shield

total pts: 195

Terminator Armour
Storm Bolter

total pts: 130 pts

5 Assault terminators with lightning claws and Land Raider transport

total pts: 450 pts

6 Assault terminators with thunder Hammer and Storm shields

total pts: 240 pts

1.Space Marine bikers
1 biker sergeant with power fist
5 bikers
2 bikers with meltaguns
1 attack bike with multimelta

total pts: 310 pts

2.Space Marine bikers
1 biker sergeant with power fist
5 bikers
2 bikers with meltaguns
1 attack bike with multimelta

total pts: 310 pts

Fast Attack
1.Scout Biker squad
Scout sergeant with Locator Beacon
1 Biker with astartes grenade launcher
1 biker
Cluster mines

total pts: 115 pts

total pts for army: 1750 pts

Total KP: 7 KP

My general plan would a little unorthodox with some elements, most importantly the deepstriking assault terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields into the fray, and also using stuff like scout bikers and their cluster mines. In a way if I would put it, it is more of a deep insertion ninja force rather than the more conventional marine force with brute strength and is suppose to focus their potential on the weaker side, or just stay back until the enemy reveals a weaker element that is not supported. My elements alone are not going to survive a full slugfest with most armies, as they tend to have the numbers against me.

This force does not sound too good on paper, but I wonder if it is more practical on the field and if this list has any other weakness. Comment, criticism and suggestion would be appreciated, and please do so constructively.
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Default Re: 1750pts space marine list

I think that cluster mines are not very good, as you place the mines before the players choose their deployment zones. Scout bikers aren't very good in general, but I think that you would be better served by dropping the scout bikers and the chaplain to buy another Land Raider for your other Assault Terminator squad.

Edit: the list is similar to this one I saw. I haven't seen it in action, but it looks nasty. http://www.yesthetruthhurts.com/2009...part-deux.html
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